Healthy eating can include potato chips!

Fat activists allege that losing weight means having to condemn yourself to a lifetime of obsessive exercise, starvation and depriving yourself of delicious treats such as potato chips.  These are the lies I’ve worked very hard to bust in the previous blog.  No, it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge.

I eat McDonald’s (proof will be posted soon!).  I eat KFC (proof will be posted soon!).  In this entry, I’ll show you just how much I love potato chips and, if you eat them sensibly, you can enjoy them even while you’re regularly eating fresh food and balanced meals.  Yes.  You can.  No kidding!

Now.  In an earlier entry, I spoke about hitting the various food groups in a day.  What are potato chips?  That’s right, carbohydrates!  If you’ve already eaten your rice, bread or noodles, and you consume potato chips, what happens?  An imbalance!  You’ll have eaten an excessive amount of carbs.

Now behold my love of potato chips!

Yes, packets and packets of the good stuff!  When I feel like having potato chips, I balance them with my rice for the day.  It is that simple!  This is how I’m able to indulge in my favourite snacks without putting on weight.  Once you get the balance right, you’ll not worry too much about putting on weight.

I try to lead as healthy a life as possible, but I’m only human.  At times, I do indulge in my favourite snacks, even if they’re not the healthiest 😛  We need to enjoy life too! : )

The body positive activists who don’t wish to get healthy have every right to lead their lives as they want but that doesn’t mean you need to follow suit.  Know that it’s possible for you to take better care of yourself and there’re people who’re supportive if you decide to take the step towards a better quality life!

Aquarius Moon

This summer, know that you’re #fittoflaunt

As the weather heats up, media publications and social media remind everyone to get down to business and make themselves bikini body ready.  Who can forget the notorious Protein World ad and the resultant hoohaa?

Women felt shamed by the images of slender and healthy women wearing itsy bitsy little things.  Again, it doesn’t have to be this way.  As mentioned in my earlier entry, we can adopt positive thinking in order to feel good and bolster our self esteem.

If you’ve been moving about and eating moderately healthy, your flesh will be tighter and firmer.  Yeah, you won’t look the same as those flawless models but so what?  At least you’re enjoying the activity you do!  My physique isn’t perfect either; my boobs aren’t huge and I have a belly.

There.  Belly.  See that?  Good.

However, given the constraints I have, it’s the best I can do for now and, because of this, I have no qualms about flaunting my body, tummy and all!  Why not?  My flesh is taut, I have pretty good legs, my skin tone is healthy and radiant so people will see those 😛

So, if you’ve done the work, enjoy the results!  Buy the bikini you want, soak up some sun, play in the waters and give your system a good dose of Vitamin D, so essential to good health!  Having fun in the sun with your family or mates releases feel-good chemicals which make you even more vibrant!

So no matter how many publications and Instagram accounts talk about being bikini ready or beach body ready, don’t feel bad about your physique.  You’ve done the work.  You’re healthy.  And therefore you’re definitely #fittoflaunt.

Now get out there and play!

Aquarius Moon

Balanced meal, balanced you!

There’re plenty of articles which label carbs as ‘evil’ but in reality, we do need them for energy to function and go about our daily lives.  They’re not obesity-causing demons; look at the Japanese who eat rice for every meal, for crying out loud!  Size issues aside, it’s about feeding our bodies right.

Every food group has a purpose and provides our systems with what we need to function as healthy people.  Achieving a proper balance is key; I recover quickly from illnesses and hardly fall sick after eating better and moving a lot.  If you wish to lose weight for health reasons or simply want to ensure you get adequate nutrients, this is an example of my meals.

With my rice, I have steamed fish, stirfried spinach and steamed egg, the latter buried under the veggies 😛  I’m not as health nut as the steamed ingredients suggest; later on there will be fried food as well, which I’d shown in the previous blog.  I chose these dishes because they taste good 😛

I’m not anal about having every food group for every single meal.  We can exercise flexibility regarding what we eat.  For example, if I dine out and have only meat and potatoes, then I’ll load up on veggies for the next meal.  As long as I have all the proper nutrients and major food groups in a day, it’s fine.

If you wish to lose or, in my case, gain weight, there are ways to achieve it in a healthy manner.  Crash diets may give you extremely quick results but you’re depriving your body of essential nutrients and compromising your health as a result.  Instead, make it a point to eat fresh food and balancing the food groups.

Junk food may be cheaper but by investing in what you eat, your skin will glow, you’ll feel good and you’ll save a ton of money on medication.  The benefits far outweigh the cost!

Aquarius Moon

How to make fitspo work for you

I read articles about fitspo making women feel bad about their bodies.  Their confidence plummets as they stare at the gorgeous, chiselled physiques of fitness models.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be like that.  I don’t look as fit and flawless as fitspo pictures but it doesn’t dent my confidence at all.

Instead, I use fitspo as motivation to take better care of myself.  Many other women do the same.  How do we not let photos of flawless fit models affect our body image?  Well, here lies the secret – positive thinking and a good dose of reality.

I’m not a model.  Neither am I in the fitness profession.  I’m just an ordinary woman with a full-time deskbound job.  I have a spine injury due to a car accident many years ago.  There’re limitations to what I can do.  I don’t spend as much time on workouts the way these flawless gym bunnies do.

I’m also not a fan of the strenuous exercise regimes these gym bunnies follow.  If I had to subject myself to that, I wouldn’t look forward to being active.  I admire fitness models’ dedication and discipline, but it isn’t for me.  So of course I’ll have a different kind of body and that is perfectly ok!

What is important is, I enjoy regular exercise, I move about a lot and, despite time and physical constraints, I’ve managed to be as taut and terrific as possible.  And I feel fabulous as a result.  These fitspo photos?  They look awesome!  Looking at them reminds me to be as healthy as possible.

It’s more important to choose an activity that you love rather than suffer with one that you don’t; yes, you’ll have a different physique but it doesn’t mean you won’t tone up!  You’ll still be healthy and radiant.  So do what you love and stick with it.  Over time, you’ll look at fitspo photos and go…

Yeah, they look awesome but I also look bloody good!

And that, my dears, is how you make fitspo work for you.  Now get out there and move! : )

Aquarius Moon

Quick weekend getaway to Johor Part II

I’ll write about what distracted me from writing about the second and final part of the Johor getaway soon 😛  Well, the meals were, thankfully, much better than lunch at Seoul Garden 😛  We were looking for somewhere to eat when we walked past a Chinese soup restaurant in the hotel.

It was crowded with diners, which could only mean 1 thing: the food must be decent!  So we took the risk and were rewarded handsomely with a delicious and healthy meal.  Well, moderately healthy 😛  We still had pork belly and ate the fat anyway 😛  At least it was fresh food! 😛

We had okra stirfried with red dates.  The latter added a slightly sweet natural fragrance to the veggies.  Yum!  Next was a tofu and mushroom stew with baby abalone, stewed pork belly with sesame bread and drunken chicken.  The pork belly was heavenly and the sauce so rich and thick, it went well with the bread.

We took a walk at the mall.  Cherry and I bought collagen face masks at The Face Shop.  Kelly almost wanted to buy some weird plant that the sellers promised would kill the radiation from electrical appliances.  Eventually, we talked him out of it.  Who knows if those things really work?

We had an early dinner at Soon Soon Heng bak kut teh because this place is teeming with customers.  The queues at dinner time stretched a long way!  We had to go super early in order to score the only table left.  No wonder.  Prices are cheap and the food decent.

We had the standard bak kut teh, stewed pork leg and beansprouts stirfried with salted fish.  The stew gravy went so well with the rice!  After that, Kelly and Cherry took Noe for a swim.  Then we all had a rest while waiting for the private taxi to ferry us back to Singapore.

It was a really fun time but all of us still prefer Batam : )  We’ll probably visit Johor again next time.

Aquarius Moon

About Me

Through maintaining my blogs, I got to know lovely people.  When they clicked the About Me page, they found… nothing.  There just isn’t anything to write about! 😛  Perhaps 2017 is time to change this so, here’s a little something to those who want to know me better.

I’m just an ordinary woman, about to turn 40 years old.  I have a Business degree and a full-time deskbound job.  Ever since my dad’s triple bypass in 2008, I’ve embarked on a health journey.  I witnessed my grandma, my favourite person in the world, suffer from 2 strokes that left her paralysed.

Had I started the health journey earlier, I could’ve prevented my family’s suffering.  Today, I’m dedicated to sharing what I’ve learnt during this journey to help the rest of my family and anyone else who wants to be healthier and/or improve their lives.

I’ve benefitted a lot from being healthier.  It improved energy levels, boosted confidence and led me to embrace living with passion and zest *bouncebouncebounce*  I’m in a good mood most days, although, being human, I do have flaws.

I have a very strong body image although my physique isn’t that of a fitness professional’s or model’s.  Neither am I a Victoria’s Secret Angel.  Getting healthy did this for me and I enjoy sharing the experience.  If my knowledge helps another person become more self assured, then all this effort will be worthwhile.

Lastly, I am not a fat shamer.  All people are deserving of basic respect as human beings.  What I do speak up against is fatlogic or lies people spread which prevent others from taking that step towards improving their health and their own lives.

I am not obsessive about what I eat.  I love beer and drink it regularly.  I do eat junk food.  However, there’s a way to balance it with fresh food so that not only can we enjoy life, we also benefit from the nutrients quality fresh food contains.  Striking this balance will result in a healthy relationship with food.

This year, I hope to share more about having a positive attitude towards life and the fortitude to face challenges we face from time to time.  2017 will be better : )  Come along on this journey with me : )

Aquarius Moon

Being unforgiving is not #bodypositive

It’s been a while since Maria Kang shared photos of a curvier physique after gaining 10 lbs.  The body positive community went into a frenzy and their response towards her was disappointing.  Obviously bearing grudges and a lot of hatred, women such as Ragen Chastain blasted her and showed a lack of sympathy.

Maria Kang was torn to shreds online in 2013 when she posted the notorious photo with the caption, ‘What’s Your Excuse?’  Not only did people forget that she posted it on her Facebook wall, she also stated clearly that the purpose was to inspire other new mothers to get healthy.  Her intention was never to fat shame in the first place!

I don’t have a physique as gorgeous as Maria’s but I wasn’t offended at all.  Instead, I was inspired.  If she’d given birth to 3 kids and could be so fit, why couldn’t I do even more for my health?  I moved more as a result and felt more energetic!

Yes, perhaps Maria could’ve been more sensitive, but the punishment doesn’t befit the crime.  It’s been over 3 years since the episode, yet people are still unable to forgive her.  How is this beauty on the inside and out?  How is this the least bit positive?

I’ve written about angry and miserable fat activists such as Ragen Chastain, Melissa McEwan and Lesley Kinzel before.  Their unforgiving attitude speaks more about their personalities than it does about Maria.  These women are very negative souls indeed and it shows on their faces!  They hardly smile as they churn out angry post after angry post.

I think Maria looks great with the weight gain.  She’s still healthy and active and she’s positively radiant!  I hope she continues to inspire other women to do more for their health.  Now that, is something positive to look forward to : )

Aquarius Moon