Getting bulky?  How to balance your food groups

I’ve written about exercise for lucky ladies who build muscle easily to prevent bulking up, to lean out and tone up.  Now, I’ll go into balancing major food groups to enhance your results.  The combination of food intake and working out for Cherry’s body type helped her to achieve a more streamlined figure, so if this is what you’re after, I hope it helps you.

This may not have happened to you, but it happened to Cherry.  Because she was doing heavy duty exercises previously, such as body pump, Crossfit, planking and spinning (yup, up to 2 hours daily at the gym), she followed popular advice about eating for energy.  What foods provide the most energy?  Carbohydrates.

That’s not to say that what Cherry followed isn’t correct; it is.  Carbs are necessary for our daily living and, without them, we feel tired more easily.  The main thing is to get the balance of major food groups right for our different body types and our health goals.  So I’ll share what Cherry and I did for hers.

Because Cherry was pushing her body so much, she ate more carbohydrates.  This is the right balance but it didn’t give her the results she wanted – she built more muscle and got bulky when she’d hoped to get lean.  When I got her to do more aerobic activity (70% to 80% of her workout) and light resistance exercise (the remaining 20% to 30%), we switched her major food groups to complement the exercise changes.

With lighter exercises but more repetitions, Cherry didn’t need as much energy.  So this was what I suggested: her veggies and her carbs should be in equal portions and, combined together, should equal her protein.  What does this mean?  Say you have a beautiful fresh salmon steak.  Your rice should be half the size of it, and your veggies the remaining half.  Don’t change your meal size and don’t increase it.  Just switch to the following:

#1  Rice/potatoes/fruit (carbs) quantity = your veggies; and

#2  Carbs + veggies = your protein.

This combination worked for Cherry.  She managed to lean out quite a fair bit and went down from an Asian size XL to S.  I hope it helps.  If you’re still not getting the results you want, do let me know and we can try to work together to achieve the right balance for you.


Are you eating enough variety?

I’ve written about the dismal food presentation in this region.  Well, excuse that.  Our meals still taste good, although the dining experience would be enhanced if the ingredients were placed prettily.  The above is a seafood and pork ball soup, eaten with rice.

Here are curry chicken noodles, another favourite.  With added beansprouts and potato, it’s a complete meal on its own.  Fat activists allege that, in order to be thin, health fanatics live on lettuce leaves, broccoli and skinless chicken breasts.  However, a moderately healthy lifestyle should equal eating a proper variety of foods.

Curry laksa.  Similar to curry chicken noodles, except thick rice vermicelli is used in place of egg noodles and shrimp and cockles are substitutes for tender, juicy chicken.

Living solely on just a few types of veggies isn’t going to feed our systems with all the nutrients they require to function well.  It’s the same as dietitians cutting out carbs completely when they place their patients on weight loss diets.  Too drastic and leads to lethargy.  How will they be able to get more active?!

Pork rib noodle soup.  Note dark green veggies and not beansprouts.

I would discontinue healthy living too if all I can eat day in and day out are skinless chicken breasts and broccoli.  Chicken breasts are not tender like women’s boobs.  They’re frequently tough and dry and the skin is always the best part!  I only eat chicken thighs and drumsticks, with the skin on, thanks very much!

Pigs’ organs soup, eaten with rice.  Ok, it sounds gross but it’s actually very tasty 😛

I have both red and white meat, plus seafood.  Similarly, I eat a variety of veggies.  In this way, my system is fed a whole lot of beneficial goodness.  I have a lot more energy to exercise regularly and keep active.  Seriously, who wants to live on yucky skinless chicken breasts and broccoli for the rest of their lives?

Not this chick 😛


Clumsy clumsy me

So I was showering yesterday.  My soapy left leg slipped and my shin hit against the shelf jutting out.


I burst into tears straightaway; it was that painful.  The bruised area, about the size of my palm, swelled.  It hurt to even walk.  Thankfully, after icing my shin several times, the swelling went down somewhat.  I can walk now, but if I forget and try to get off the bed using my left leg… OWWWWWWW.

Any reason is a good reason to use a cute emoji 😛

Oh well.

There’re a few things to be done before my Malaysia getaway next weekend:

#1  A haircut.

#2  Figure out an exercise routine so that I can feast.

#3  Have a facial.

#4  Figure out my wardrobe.

#5  Think of what to eat in Genting and in KL 😛

#5 is especially important because time is limited.  I’ll only be spending 1 day in each place and there’s just so much good food!!!

In the meantime, only rear views.  At least until this hideous bruise fades.


Basic light weight arm exercises

Lifters and fitness trainers urge women to lift, the heavier the better.  Some of these smug asses sneer at those who do cardio (I’d addressed this in 1 of my health myths type posts), calisthenics and, also, those who do light weights.  Forgetting what it was like to start at the very bottom, the morons developed extremely unhealthy egos.

But… BUT!!! 😛

The good news is, some of us still recall what it was like to start from zero.  That is the purpose of this blog!  To get you started, to help you build on that, and after that, you can either branch out on your own or come back for some new health tips which you might previously have missed out, or some good old positivity for mental wellness 🙂

Much earlier on, I’d suggested flapping your arms as a way of introducing more movement into your life.  When I shared how to make your own light weights, I’d included throwing left and right hooks.  But now that you have your very own homemade weights, what exercises should you try?  And, how many?

There were 3 main ones I did:

#1  The bicep curl

#2  The dumbbell shoulder press

#3  The dumbbell lateral raises

I won’t include photos or videos since you just need to Google these or search for the proper form on Youtube.  But remember, in order to lean out instead of bulking up, light weights and many repetitions (or reps, as fitness fanatics like to call them) are key.

For a start, I would suggest 5 sets of 10.  2 to 3 weeks later, add 5 reps.  Rinse and repeat until you hit 5 sets of 30 reps.  Make sure you give your tired muscles at least a day in between to rest.  I’ll touch on split routines soon, so you’ll see how we can do a variety of exercises when there’s limited time.

Push ups, even elevated ones, were too difficult for me at the start.  I built strength in my arms right at the beginning and so will you.  Make good use of those homemade weights! 🙂


Super cute text emoticons

Ok, there’re times where you’re super annoyed but not annoyed enough to yell or get nasty over texts.  This is particularly so when you’re communicating with your loved ones over chatting apps.  I was looking for some the other day and found 3 adorable ones!!!  So now when Mummy says something to irritate me on purpose…

OMG so cuuuuuuuuute right?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 😛  If you ask for a favour from your brother and he replies that he’s busy?

If you suggest having some bacon or sausages for breakfast on a weekend and your spouse doesn’t want any?

The possibilities are endless!!! 😛  Ok, this isn’t the only emoticon I found, but it certainly makes me laugh the most 😛  Here are 2 other silly ones which I’ve saved for future use 😛

So let’s say your hubby is in the office and you ask what time he’s coming home.  He replies, ‘Probably late, babe, it’s very busy today.’  Which emoticon are you going to use? 😛  Know which 1 I would use?

Scroll down for answer.

Down some more.

Down further.

Yup, about there.

Almost, almost!

Come home early or you can kiss mah ass goodbye!

Gotcha! 😛


#TheySaid and I DGAF about their irrelevant opinions about my body; neither should you

Well, whoever said can kiss my skinny ass.

The popular hashtag #TheySaid highlighted some of the body shaming that girls and women alike faced about their bodies.  The horrible comments caused their self esteem to take a nosedive and they struggled to regain confidence in themselves.  Most of them featured in the online article were about being fat shamed.  I didn’t come across a single 1 that showed skinny shaming.

Well, I’ll share a few of my own.

#TheySaid – men prefer real meat, bones are for dogs.

#TheySaid – thin women don’t have curves/boobs/butt.

#TheySaid – you don’t even eat.

#TheySaid – you should eat more.

#TheySaid – you’re too skinny, so you need to be careful in case you have cancer.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about whether fat or skinny shaming is worse.  When I share this, I’m telling you I understand how you feel.  I’m telling you these comments are awful.  And I’m telling you that IDGAF.  It is possible but it may take some time to accept my rationale and come round to the idea.

Some of these things were said to me by colleagues, friends, relatives and family.  The last and the most painful, was from dad.  I was very hurt.  He’d known about my health journey.  He knew I exercise regularly.  He knew that he inspired me to get healthy.  And this was what he did to me in return.

At the time, I’d felt demoralised.  Strangers’ opinions didn’t matter, but this coming from dad hit me very hard.  But by then I’d already been on my health journey for years and felt so much more energetic.  How could I let all that effort go to waste?  From then on, I decided that nobody – and absolutely NOBODY – would be able to sabotage my journey.

I will decide what I can or cannot do regarding my physique and weight.  Those who don’t like it can move along.  I told dad this too.  Whenever he utters something negative, I keep silent and avoid him for days.  It has sort of sunk in for him that I don’t wish to hear anything unpleasant and just want a peaceful and happy life.

You can take that stand too.  If someone is being nasty towards you, making unpleasant comments about your body or not respecting your boundaries, you have the choice to walk away.  Your confidence and self esteem are in your hands.  When you DGAF, people will eventually understand.

Try it when you’re ready 🙂


Men who complain incessantly about women are so utterly borrrrrrringgggg…

Well, well, well 😛

Since this chick is considered over-the-hill, and since, even if I were single, I wouldn’t want to date these dudes anyway, I can make an attempt to engage the manosphere in, hopefully, a cordial and civilised manner.

Right, I hear you.  You’re not happy about how young women today behave and look.  You wish they would wear dresses, heels and lipstick, and that they would value marriage, good morals, chastity and proper manners.  You long for the good old days when girls were sweet, gentle, fun-loving and docile.

You’re also downright arrogant, try too hard to exhibit what you think are alpha behaviours and look down on what you call beta providers.  In other words, gentlemen who know how to respect a lady.  But please, think over what I’m about to say even if it isn’t exactly what you want to hear.

The women you seek, that is, high quality females who take pride in being ladies, appreciate being treated as such – a lady.  And only gentlemen, or your so-called beta providers, fit the bill.  These are the ones we commit to, because we know we’ll be treated with the same tender loving care that we give.

Ladies will be most wary of the sleazy pickup artistes that you are.  Their parents will have warned them from childhood to steer clear of arrogant pricks like you.  So you continue with your meaningless carousel, banging sloots in dingy bars and wonder where all the good women are.  Well, the truth is, they’re avoiding you and your kind.

Then you retreat to your manospheres and MGTOW forums, complain incessantly about women and claim that AWALT.  Frankly, it gets old.  The more you whine, the more you reveal how clueless you are about ladies’ needs.  There’s nothing better we can expect of you, really.  Also, you’re so, so, soooooo borrringgggggg.

Take a look in the mirror, guys.  No really, do that.  Just as you don’t respect sloots, do you expect ladies to respect you when you’re every bit as promiscuous, arrogant and sloppy in your attire of choice as the women you criticise?  What can you truly bring to the table in a relationship?  Are you capable of commitment, of building an emotional bond that lasts?

I’m always impressed when I get to know an American dude who still knows how to treat a lady the old-fashioned gentlemanly way.  They’re an increasingly rare breed.  And they would never refer to women, no matter how vile, as c*nts (yuck!).  You alpha wannabes have a lot to learn from these men you look down on.

So boys, it’s up to you.  You can continue to be boring, lead your meaningless lives banging sloots and complain about women.  Or you can, you know, improve yourselves and learn some manners.  Be a gentleman.  Then you’ll score a lady.

You’re welcome *curtsy*