Goodbye 2016!

As a chapter closes, another begins.  2016 brought with ups and downs.  My man – now my ex – and I parted ways.  Whilst that was sad, it was also inevitable.  We’d grown apart as time passed and there were irreconciliable differences.  I’m happier now and wish him all the best.

There were many changes as I adjusted to single life, but things have settled.  I’ve gotten to know new people.  Whilst it might seem strange to step out of my comfort zone, it also brought strange friendships.  It’s all part of an adventure; I’ll just enjoy the ride wherever it takes me.

So on New Year’s Eve, my newly married brother, his wife and our families, got together for a delicious meal at Summer Pavilion at Level 3, the Regent Hotel, and glass after glass of delicious golden bubbly!  Tricia’s mum was pretty charmed even though I didn’t stand on ceremony with her 😛

When you’re mischievous, you get away with everything 😛

I was in a new Armani dress, which matched the red necklace and top hat the restaurant provided perfectly! 😛  The place was packed with diners, who gamely wore the party hats and blew noisily on the horns.  It was mayhem, rowdy and noisy but completely fun!

Onto the food… we had…

Chilled abalone

Seafood soup served in a pumpkin

Cod with egg white

Lamb and beans

Seafood fried rice

I was stuffed because I scraped the pumpkin clean of its flesh, ate half of Mummy’s cod AND polished off some of her lamb!!!!!!!!!!! *burpburpburp*  That’s a lot of exercise to do, but the calories were worth it.  The meal was delicious!

Anyway, this is the first time I’ll talk about my age ever since I started the blog.  I’m 39 and will turn 40 in March.  Yes, not some sweet young thing with high metabolism.  39 years old and still a size 0 (or size 00 according to Armani).  I still fit into the jeans I wore in university.

How?  Exactly what I’ve said all this time.  Eat plenty of nutritious fresh food and move often.  That’s it!  In 2017, besides food and staying healthy, I would like to share more about positivity and happiness.  I’ve seen too many people being offended in body positive articles.  It’s time for genuine positivity instead.

That’s something to look forward to, right?  Happy New Year!

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


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