Make healthy your new sexy!

As obesity rates soar in western nations, the obsession with beauty standards has never been higher.  Every other day, there’s a new article about how unrealistic beauty standards are and attempts to redefine beauty to make it inclusive of all body types.

This is wonderful for all women.  Nobody should feel so depressed about their bodies that they hole themselves up at home.  Getting out of the house and living life to the fullest is attractive.  Taking good care of ourselves is attractive.  This is the reason women like Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence drip sex appeal at a higher weight.

These beauties are vibrant, happy, energetic and healthy women.  They eat well, they don’t deprive themselves of anything (Iskra looked great surrounded by yummy potato chips!) and they get out and move.  The last is extremely important.  Being active and moving about alot is beneficial to health.

Just moving will tone up our flesh, making it tight and terrific!  Just look at Iskra’s juicy thighs!  Because of the effort these ladies put into being healthy, it shows.  They have oodles of confidence.  They drive dresses, swimwear and lingerie extremely well.  They’re sexy as!

Healthy bodies radiate sex appeal, no matter our weight and size.  It affects us internally because we feel great, we’re confident and we’re not afraid to interact with people.  We dress to highlight our assets because guess what?  We feel damn good about our bodies.  That contributes to our overall attractiveness!

So ladies, this 2017, make healthy your new sexy.  You can be a goddess at any size : )

Aquarius Moon


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