Being unforgiving is not #bodypositive

It’s been a while since Maria Kang shared photos of a curvier physique after gaining 10 lbs.  The body positive community went into a frenzy and their response towards her was disappointing.  Obviously bearing grudges and a lot of hatred, women such as Ragen Chastain blasted her and showed a lack of sympathy.

Maria Kang was torn to shreds online in 2013 when she posted the notorious photo with the caption, ‘What’s Your Excuse?’  Not only did people forget that she posted it on her Facebook wall, she also stated clearly that the purpose was to inspire other new mothers to get healthy.  Her intention was never to fat shame in the first place!

I don’t have a physique as gorgeous as Maria’s but I wasn’t offended at all.  Instead, I was inspired.  If she’d given birth to 3 kids and could be so fit, why couldn’t I do even more for my health?  I moved more as a result and felt more energetic!

Yes, perhaps Maria could’ve been more sensitive, but the punishment doesn’t befit the crime.  It’s been over 3 years since the episode, yet people are still unable to forgive her.  How is this beauty on the inside and out?  How is this the least bit positive?

I’ve written about angry and miserable fat activists such as Ragen Chastain, Melissa McEwan and Lesley Kinzel before.  Their unforgiving attitude speaks more about their personalities than it does about Maria.  These women are very negative souls indeed and it shows on their faces!  They hardly smile as they churn out angry post after angry post.

I think Maria looks great with the weight gain.  She’s still healthy and active and she’s positively radiant!  I hope she continues to inspire other women to do more for their health.  Now that, is something positive to look forward to : )

Aquarius Moon


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