About Me

Through maintaining my blogs, I got to know lovely people.  When they clicked the About Me page, they found… nothing.  There just isn’t anything to write about! 😛  Perhaps 2017 is time to change this so, here’s a little something to those who want to know me better.

I’m just an ordinary woman, about to turn 40 years old.  I have a Business degree and a full-time deskbound job.  Ever since my dad’s triple bypass in 2008, I’ve embarked on a health journey.  I witnessed my grandma, my favourite person in the world, suffer from 2 strokes that left her paralysed.

Had I started the health journey earlier, I could’ve prevented my family’s suffering.  Today, I’m dedicated to sharing what I’ve learnt during this journey to help the rest of my family and anyone else who wants to be healthier and/or improve their lives.

I’ve benefitted a lot from being healthier.  It improved energy levels, boosted confidence and led me to embrace living with passion and zest *bouncebouncebounce*  I’m in a good mood most days, although, being human, I do have flaws.

I have a very strong body image although my physique isn’t that of a fitness professional’s or model’s.  Neither am I a Victoria’s Secret Angel.  Getting healthy did this for me and I enjoy sharing the experience.  If my knowledge helps another person become more self assured, then all this effort will be worthwhile.

Lastly, I am not a fat shamer.  All people are deserving of basic respect as human beings.  What I do speak up against is fatlogic or lies people spread which prevent others from taking that step towards improving their health and their own lives.

I am not obsessive about what I eat.  I love beer and drink it regularly.  I do eat junk food.  However, there’s a way to balance it with fresh food so that not only can we enjoy life, we also benefit from the nutrients quality fresh food contains.  Striking this balance will result in a healthy relationship with food.

This year, I hope to share more about having a positive attitude towards life and the fortitude to face challenges we face from time to time.  2017 will be better : )  Come along on this journey with me : )

Aquarius Moon


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