Balanced meal, balanced you!

There’re plenty of articles which label carbs as ‘evil’ but in reality, we do need them for energy to function and go about our daily lives.  They’re not obesity-causing demons; look at the Japanese who eat rice for every meal, for crying out loud!  Size issues aside, it’s about feeding our bodies right.

Every food group has a purpose and provides our systems with what we need to function as healthy people.  Achieving a proper balance is key; I recover quickly from illnesses and hardly fall sick after eating better and moving a lot.  If you wish to lose weight for health reasons or simply want to ensure you get adequate nutrients, this is an example of my meals.

With my rice, I have steamed fish, stirfried spinach and steamed egg, the latter buried under the veggies 😛  I’m not as health nut as the steamed ingredients suggest; later on there will be fried food as well, which I’d shown in the previous blog.  I chose these dishes because they taste good 😛

I’m not anal about having every food group for every single meal.  We can exercise flexibility regarding what we eat.  For example, if I dine out and have only meat and potatoes, then I’ll load up on veggies for the next meal.  As long as I have all the proper nutrients and major food groups in a day, it’s fine.

If you wish to lose or, in my case, gain weight, there are ways to achieve it in a healthy manner.  Crash diets may give you extremely quick results but you’re depriving your body of essential nutrients and compromising your health as a result.  Instead, make it a point to eat fresh food and balancing the food groups.

Junk food may be cheaper but by investing in what you eat, your skin will glow, you’ll feel good and you’ll save a ton of money on medication.  The benefits far outweigh the cost!

Aquarius Moon


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