Don’t let your weight be a prison sentence

I’ve made it clear since the old blog that I don’t condone bullying and humiliating fat people.  They’re human beings just like the rest of us and should be accorded the same basic respect as any stranger we encounter.

There’re many heartbreaking stories about cruelty towards fat people.  I’m against the unnecessarily harsh treatment of those who happen to be heavy.  It leads them to stay home out of fear and shame and this isn’t in their best interests.

This entry is for the bigger ones amongst us who’ve been open and vulnerable enough to share the reasons they stay cooped up at home.  No, you shouldn’t hide at home.  Take your cue from those bold and vibrant fatshionistas and get out there!  The sun and movement will do you plenty of good!

I understand that society can be harsh.  There will always be folks who’re out to belittle others.  Some of them tried to belittle me too.  Here is where we need to do a little positive thinking.  How somebody else thinks is beyond our control.  They have every right to do what the hell they want, just as you have the right to wear whatever you want.

Trying to control others by policing their thoughts and what they say often leads to them defiantly escalating their behaviour.  So why not control ourselves and our responses?  Are strangers’ opinions that important?  Do strangers even matter?  If they don’t, why should we even be affected by them?

Others’ negative views about your size and body don’t determine your life.  Your response does.  Your weight shouldn’t be a prison sentence when going out does wonders for your health – physically and mentally.

Get out of the house.  Enjoy the sun.  Walk, run, swim, skip.  Have zest for life and passion for what you do.  These will make you happy and happy girls are the prettiest, as Audrey Hepburn so aptly said.

Aquarius Moon


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