Plus size is just a clothing category

Influential women such as Tess Munster and Ashley Graham have repeatedly fought to remove the term ‘plus size’ so that they can just be models.  In a sense, I understand where they’re coming from; by dropping the plus, they want to unite all women and celebrate body diversity.

Equally, there’re bloggers speaking out against what these influential women are fighting for.  After reading the arguments from these opposing camps, I would like to share my thoughts and, hopefully, inject some positivity into things once and for all.

Plus size is just a category of clothing.  In the same vein, supermarkets separate meats into chicken, pork, lamb and beef.  Veggies are stocked in different sections.  Would grocery shopping be easier if supermarkets lump everything into simply ‘food’ and dump meats, seafood, fruit and veggies onto the shelves without sorting them out neatly?

By insisting on removing the plus size label, these women are reinforcing the negative stigma associated with being plus size.  Just like there’re different types of food, there’re different body types and shapes.  There’s no negativity attached to a ‘frozen foods’ section, so why do these women want to attach negativity to a clothing size?

Rather than waste time on lobbying to drop the plus, they could direct their efforts towards encouraging budding designers to come up with even more cute clothes for larger women.  Heck, I wish some of Ashley Graham’s sexy-as-hell swimsuit designs were available in straight sizes!

Plus size is a clothing category, just as straight sizes are.  It makes clothes shopping more convenient and easier, that’s all.  Insisting on dropping the plus reveals a lot more about these influential women and their mindsets.  Why are they making it seem that plus size is inferior?

Food for thought.

Aquarius Moon


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