Yin/yang principle of healthy living – do you really need that protein shake?

1 of the body activists’ chief complaints is that when they exercised, they only got fatter.  Sounds familiar, right?  Well, I came across a discussion where a possible reason was revealed.  There was a heavier woman who had the same complaint and shared that she dutifully took protein shakes in order to build muscle.

Instead of losing weight as she’d hoped, the weighing scale showed that she was piling on the pounds.  This is what could happen when you follow what fitness trainers and gym bunnies do without knowing the details of their workout, including for how long they exercise.  Their regime is highly strenuous and intensive; thus, they need protein shakes to bulk up.

Do the rest of us need it?  Personally, I don’t think so.  I don’t lift heavy and, hence, I don’t bulk up.  Whatever additional protein I need comes purely from fresh food.  It’s enough to keep my flesh tight and toned, without adding inches to the belly.

Look, I’m not dissing the fitness professionals.  They’re fantastic at what they do and they’re disciplined enough to know what their bodies require to maintain their incredible levels of fitness.  I admire their dedication to their work and health.  However, I can’t follow what they’re doing or it will affect my balance.

Protein shakes, while healthy, are very calorie dense.  If your workout isn’t intensive enough, then consuming too much will tip the calories in vs calories out balance against you.  In order to keep themselves lean, some folks use these protein shakes as meal replacements, not a supplement.

Following fitness professionals is a good thing.  They know what they’re doing.  For us, however, we need to tweak their programmes to suit our needs.  For me, balance is key.  Due to my exercise, protein shakes aren’t necessary.

Aquarius Moon


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