How to love your body in the mirror

While fat activists and lovely body positive champions Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence do a great job accepting their rolls and cellulite, other heavy women aren’t having that easy a time.  My heart goes out to these ladies who’re willing to be open and vulnerable enough to share their insecurities.

Not all of us are flawless or willing to spend exorbitant sums on surgery to improve our figures.  I may look better with breast implants but don’t see any sense going under the knife.  Do I hate my body?  Nope, I absolutely love it, teeny boobs and all!  A second spent in misery is a second wasted.  You’re much better off appreciating your figure instead.

Everyone has their own way of going about loving their bodies.  I’m going to share mine.  Read more about how other women started admiring their mirror images and adopt their methods.  Practise makes perfect! : )

So I was at my beautician’s home.  She has a full length mirror in the room where she does my facials.

Pick the body part(s) you’re the proudest of and focus ONLY on them.  Ashley Graham is obviously proud of her ‘girls’.  Maybe you have neverending long legs.  Or your skin is soft, creamy and smooth like a baby’s.  Let your eyes linger on your assets and allow yourself to admire them.  Do this for at least 3 minutes daily.

Ask your partner to state what parts of your body he likes most.  You’ll be surprised; he may love another body part that you never realised was an asset!  I like my waist and slight tan.  My man adores my legs.  So guess what?  I have 3 assets!  Others have complimented my perky ass.  So 1 more asset to admire : )

As you get used to admiring your assets, gradually let your gaze wander over the rest of your body.  You’ll find that your flaws aren’t so bad after all.  They’re a part of you; it’s just that you love your assets more!  Once your confidence has grown and you stop hating your mirror image, you can reduce this practice to once a week or heck, you can continue admiring your body.

If you feel up to it, start taking selfies like all the confident women.  A second spent admiring your figure is well spent indeed!

Aquarius Moon


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