Wanna be beautiful on the inside and out?  Don’t sweat the small, petty and trivial stuff!

Body positive activists like to tout the line, ‘beautiful on the inside and out’ when defending a plus size person against body shaming.  They also emphasise having a beautiful personality is more important than physical attractiveness.  To me, both are just as important.

However, a beautiful character tends to reflect on the outside as well.  There is so much outrage over the smallest perceived transgression that many women are left in a perpetual state of anger.  This results in hardened facial expressions which don’t hint at a gentle, loving personality at all.

Audrey Hepburn famously said, ‘Happy girls are the prettiest’ and you know what, it’s true!  A genuinely warm smile that reaches the eyes is that much more alluring and welcoming than dourness.  It’s human nature to gravitate towards anyone who behaves with openness and congeniality than an aggressive or closed off person.

Being offended over the slightest thing is harmful to mental and heart health as it heightens stress levels.  It leaves a person in a prolonged state or cycle of negativity.  We can’t control what others do or say, but we can simply ignore nasty baiting comments and ignore morons.  Why even dignify them with your anger and time?

We spend a great chunk of time at work.  Our leisure is that much more precious.  I would rather devote those hours to activities which keep me happy and contented.  Positivity is a very attractive trait.  We’re instinctively drawn to self assured and bubbly people.  Unconsciously, we know what they bring adds value to our lives.

Men DO respect strong women but that does not equate to mere aggressiveness.  It means, instead of whining poor me or losing our cool over small petty stuff, we can laugh it off, make a joke out of it and move on with our lives.  It means we don’t let irrelevant strangers’ opinions get us depressed or into a negative cycle.

Ditch the outrage, stonewall the morons and direct your focus towards improving yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.  This is what being emotionally strong is all about.  And strong women don’t crumble at the slightest challenge!

Cultivate a beautiful and happy personality that overflows with positivity.  With time, your features will soften.  Your warmth will radiate outwards into the world.  And you will be beautiful on the inside and out with time.

Outfit: If you like the black mesh cropped top I’m wearing, pop by Fly Me To Paris!

Aquarius Moon


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