Bullied for caring about your appearance? It happens!

There’re some workplace environments where most of the women don’t place much emphasis on appearance.  They wear what is comfortable, they don’t style their hair and they’re hardly seen with makeup unless it’s for very special occasions.

That’s perfectly fine.  They can decide how to lead their lives.  What is irksome, however, is that some of these women are nasty to those who bother to groom themselves and take better care of their appearance.  They jump at every opportunity to make life difficult for and find fault with the ‘vain ladies’.

I’m no supermodel.  Heck, I’m not even gorgeous!  But the fact remains that Yen Ling, a close colleague, and I have experienced bullying from women who don’t bother about their appearance as much.  All we do is mind our own business, but boy are we given hell.

It sucks.  It doesn’t feel good, whether this treatment comes from a colleague or a senior.  Jealousy comes in many forms and the worst is in the form of passive aggressiveness, picking on us over the smallest of transgressions while other women who are less vain don’t experience it.

Since we can’t control what others do, we can only control our responses to it.  I talk to my man.  Yen Ling does the same.  We commisserate with each other.  Once we remind ourselves that it’s just jealousy at work, we feel better.  Does this stop us from taking care of ourselves?  Nope!

We lead full and busy lives outside of work.  Rather than let others’ negativity bring us down, we focus on how to cope and remain happy women.  This way, the mean ones age and get uglier.  Why should we ruin our looks for them?  So I’ve been doing more stuff I enjoy and remind myself that there’s lots to be grateful for : )

In the next entry, I’ll show you how to turn others’ negativity into something positive for yourself so check back asap! 😀

Aquarius Moon


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