I thanked my enemies

When Madonna accepted her Woman of The Year award at the Billboard’s Women in Music event last year, she delivered an emotional acceptance speech which tugged at viewers’ heartstrings.  She outlined the difficulties and hardships she faced and explained how they made her the woman she is today.

During the early days of Madonna’s career, she was villified and torn to shreds by vicious critics.  Yet, despite this, she went on to release several bestselling albums and top hits and enjoyed a long career in music, 1 of the toughest and most cutthroat industries known for shortlived fame and popularity.

Our enemies may hate us and want to sabotage us but if we manage to rise above all the harm they’ve done to us and continue to do, we’ll not only emerge victorious but also mentally and emotionally tough as nails.  Challenges shape us into the very best versions of ourselves that we were meant to be.

A few days ago, I thanked the bullies I’ve ever faced in Facebook.  Yes.  I did.  Without weathering their malice and spite, I would still be the scared, naive little university graduate who didn’t dare to voice disagreement.  Today, I lead a moderately good and wholesome life and I’m not afraid to speak my mind.

In a sense, I wanted everyone to know that being bullied isn’t the end of the world.  Sure, it sucks, but once we get through it, we’re much stronger people.  The bullies in my life taught me valuable lessons although they hadn’t intended to.

By thanking them, I showed myself that I’m the better person AND a better person.  I’m glad I did it : )

Aquarius Moon


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