Dear SJWs, take a chill pill!

In the United States and other countries in the world, there’re very angry people teamed up with other very angry people to fight for numerous causes.  These folks are affectionately termed ‘social justice warriors’ or ‘SJWs’.

I won’t comment on the causes they champion since everybody has his or her reasons to do so.  What I’m extremely puzzled is the anger, aggression and hatred the SJWs bear towards anyone disagreeing with them.  It’s as if they want their views to be the only views that are heard and they’ll resort to harming any dissenters.

In many ways, the SJWs are similar to communists and any other extremist group.  Doxxing and slander are just another form of violence, even if they are not physical violence.  People are oppressed as their right to free speech is robbed from them.


The SJWs wonder why people dislike them so much.

I’d like to tell them, hey, chill out!  The news is filled with depressing stories already.  The world does not need additional outrage and negativity.  It’s sensible, mature and adult to agree to disagree and maintain cordial interactions!

Being happy, cheerful and easygoing is more effective when you want people to listen to you.  Politely stepping away from conversations or opinions that upset you is more beneficial to your mental well being.  Why waste time arguing with those who won’t see eye to eye with you?

Unless you’re the kind of person who thrives on drama, fights and arguments (which probably says a lot about your personality), choosing to spend time on activities and people who make you happy is the intelligent thing to do.

Life is too short to forever be angry at the world.  Take a chill pill, smile, laugh and show the world that the marginalised groups can have tons of fun instead!

Aquarius Moon


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