Lack of representation? Why IDGAF

‘Diversity’ and ‘representation’, are huge buzzwords in the social justice and body positive communities.  They’re fighting for more diversity and representation for larger bodies and people of colour in the media.  I understand the rationale behind their cause but really, all this doesn’t matter 1 bit to me.

I don’t need to see more Asian leading ladies in Hollywood blockbusters and popular TV series just to feel good about myself.  I certainly love watching the fabulous Lucy Liu because she’s a great actress and excels in the tough and spicy little cookie roles that she does, but whether there’re more Asian women or not won’t increase nor decrease my self esteem.

The same goes for body size.  All I care about is that there’re stylish clothes that match my body measurements.  There’s no need for a model with small boobs to represent my body type in advertisements and fashion spreads.  Who else would know my figure better than me and who else would know what looks good on my physique better than me?

tobi is an online retailer I buy some of my clothes from.  They feature white women who’re a good 10cm or more taller than me.  So?  I’m not going to protest about the lack of Asian petite models when I already have adequate body awareness to know what skirt lengths and dresses potentially look great on me.

My confidence and self esteem are not dependent on external factors; whatever acceptance I need, I can give to myself, thanks very much!  So although I understand the rationale behind the fight for diversity and representation, it seems trivial in the larger scheme of things.  Body positivity – all positivity, really – starts with me.  I’m all that I need.

Aquarius Moon


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