My man’s spoiling me!

I haven’t celebrated birthdays for quite some years.  The 2-week-long dinners and lunches are long behind me, but my man still tries to spoil me rotten as I turn a year older every year.  This year, not only will he take me on a weekend getaway (which I love), he bought me 2 presents!

I’d wanted a casual watch for some time but never got around to buying 1.  There’re too many other pretty distractions 😛  Yet, it isn’t safe to wear diamond watches abroad, so I’m mostly without a watch when we head to Batam or Malaysia for quick and short breaks.  So my man got me this bold and gorgeous watch! 😀

I was already delighted but… it didn’t stop there because… just as I was squealing with glee, my man reached into his pocket and took out a beayoutiful anklet!  OMG!!!  I’d wanted to buy 1 to match my white gold earrings and now, here was this stunner right in my lap.  I felt like the luckiest woman in the world.  Actually, I am! 😀

I’m looking forward to the getaway very much as there’re pretty things to wear, lots of good food and… beer!  This time around, I’ll be shopping for a cute pair of flip flops so I can wear the anklet all the time.  It’s already Wednesday; 2 days to the trip and I’m itching to pack and go already! 😀

Everything is on track at the moment, so I feel pretty blessed as this birthday nears.  Hopefully the next 12 months will be just as blissful and happy.  And I’ll be a very contented pussy cat : )

Aquarius Moon


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