How often do you sweat?

My lovely Mummy and the youthful Barbara Corcoran, don’t sweat when they exercise (Barbara Corcoran confessed this during an episode of Shark Tank).  They’re not the only ones.  Many ladies don’t like perspiring as it looks unglamorous and unfeminine, as well as feels sticky and uncomfortable.  But did you know that working up a sweat regularly is actually very good for our systems?

When we dine outside instead of cooking our own meals, we can’t control the condiments used in the dishes.  There might be more salt in our appetisers, soups, entrees and main courses, as well as sugar in our dessert, unless we have just cut fresh fruit.  These toxins build up in our bodies, affecting our complexion and the way our systems function.

Perspiring brings all these toxins up to the top-most layer of our skin.  When we shower afterwards, we feel ultra refreshed and cleansed.  This is because our bodies are purged from harmful toxins and washed off.  Not only this, when we work up a sweat, we’re also exercising our hearts and lungs more.

Not only do we keep our systems clean, our vital organs get stronger in the process!  A bonus?  Women suffer from water retention from time to time – I know I do.  By perspiring, we get rid of that horrendous bloating that causes us to puff up like little dumplings.  Aren’t these good enough reasons to sweat regularly?

We don’t need to work out obsessively solely to perspire; in fact, we can do this with aerobics, a good run, skipping rope or a very fast power walk.  Even a decent dance routine achieves the same results.  Oh, and did I mention the attractive pink flush on our cheeks after exercise?  Perfect for vainpots like me 😛

For this reason, I encourage those closest to me to sweat regularly.  How often?  At least twice to thrice per week.  So if you’re 1 of the girly ones who doesn’t like to sweat, give it a shot when you feel ready.  You’ll feel different after about 3 months.  The immediate effect?  Your showers will feel especially wonderful!

Aquarius Moon


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