Why Korean strawberries are the best!

Strawberries are touted as delicious fruit but, as a kid, I found them too sour when my parents took me to strawberry farms in Malaysia and Australia.  Needless to say, unless I could sprinkle icing sugar over them, I refused to eat any if my parents bought some.  That all changed the day dad made me try just ONE Korean strawberry.

Dad bought a punnet from the supermarket and was excited to find that they were juicy, firm and slightly sweet.  I was skeptical, but took 1.  As promised, they didn’t taste sour at all.  In fact, it was impossible to stop at just 1!  Today, I eat them whenever the weather gets warm or to quench my thirst after consuming salty food.

Because I don’t need to add icing sugar, cream, honey or chocolate syrup, Korean strawberries are much healthier for dessert.  Chill them well and by golly, they’re perfect snacks for sweltering hot afternoons or warm balmy evenings.  Because their sweetness is very mild, they go well with other fruit.

I typically match them with very sour ones like blueberries.  This way, I don’t have to add any sweeteners, yet, I get to enjoy the health benefits of tangy fruits as well.  Want to keep them cold for a longer time?  Just add ice cubes to the bowl.  They’re great for munching with a good read : )

Over the weekend, after gorging ourselves during a buffet lunch (I’ll write about that soon), my man and I were too stuffed to have a full dinner.  Instead, because it was so hot outside, he went mad buying a ton of fruit – Korean strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, grapes and plums.  So we each had a fruit bowl.

My man loves Korean strawberries now, although like me, he believed all strawberries were sour for a long time.  Now, he loves to buy them on hot days as our refreshing dessert on some nights.  So if you haven’t tried Korean strawberries, give them a go if they’re available at your supermarket!

Aquarius Moon


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