Stopping the plus size debate

‘If she’s plus size, what am I?’

‘How is a size X even plus size?’

Comments like these are uttered by women all over the world.  Amy Schumer notoriously tried to distance herself from the plus size community when Glamour included her in a special edition titled ‘Women who inspire us’ alongside gorgeous Ashley Graham.  But why is this even up for debate?

First of all, I sometimes need to shop in the Petites section at Miss Selfridge and Topshop (they have fabulous clothes, by the way!).  Petite is defined as ‘smaller than straight size’.  Similarly, isn’t plus size just ‘bigger than straight size’?  What is so negative about it that women raise a stink when somebody is classified as plus size?

Some of us are born smaller, some larger and some fall somewhere in between.  Our differences are what make us so unique and interesting.  The same goes for petite and plus sizes.  So what if you’re tinier or bigger than the norm?  It doesn’t make you hideous!

Whenever I read the above remarks in articles or their comments sections, I always think, ‘If she’s plus size, then it makes you ALSO plus size.’  That’s it.  Why waste time over-thinking things or worse, assuming that someone is body shaming when he/she may not be.

So if whatever dress size is plus size, it just means bigger than the norm.  If a stunning, full-figured woman is labelled plus size, it makes you ALSO plus size.  Let’s end this plus size debate once and for all.

Aquarius Moon


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