Make or break your outfit with accessories!

I’ve written about my new anklet, anklet charms and being crazy about layered choker necklaces.  Well, 2 days ago was casual Friday at the office.  I dug out the stack rings which I’d bought from Disney about 6 years back.  Surprise surprise, after all this time, the silver plating has not faded and the crystal is as sparkly as ever!

I’ve purchased a new set of stack rings, crystal stud and drop earrings and stack bracelets, all silver.  Gold doesn’t suit my skin tone as well, alas.  I’ll take a photo of the new accessories to show you soon, when inspiration strikes!  Really, there’s no better stress reliever than retail therapy šŸ˜›

I also got this chunky turquoise cross bracelet from tobi to update my (growing accessory collection) and a silver belly chain for crop top and low-waisted shorts weekends! šŸ˜›  I’m still looking for another belly chain – something more delicate and with a crystal charm or 2.

But what really, really captures my interest now is extremely tiny jewellery.  Think mini earrings, ultra fine rings with exquisite crystals or sweet little charms, very thin bracelets and necklaces.  They match well with off-shoulder tops and skorts and they’re so darned feminine and pretty!!! šŸ˜€

Maybe I’ll never grow up, but that’s ok.  For as long as I can still carry off younger accessories, I will.  Heck, they’re trendy and affordable.  Why not? šŸ˜›

Aquarius Moon


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