Why #bodygoals can be body positive

Recently, I came across an article stating that #bodygoals are not positive.  The author then gave ridiculous reasons for her skewed view.  It prompted me to write this entry to refute some of her allegations and to show that having #bodygoals can contribute to increased body confidence over time.

The author claimed that having goals for your body marginalises fat bodies and reinforces fatphobia in society.  Garbage.  I hope to achieve the best I can in terms of exercise and nourishing food, which will keep my body as healthy, mobile and agile for as long as possible.  These are my #bodygoals.  What has that got to do with fatphobia?!

Nobody is obligated to give up taking care of our health and whatever goals we set for our bodies just so that some overly sensitive weirdos can feel better about themselves.  This is their own responsibility, not anyone else’s.  Our #bodygoals are none of their business.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be stronger and physically more able.

Not everyone is obsessed with looking like a Victoria’s Secret Angel.  Not all women aspire to be universally appealing.  Some of us have #bodygoals to help us remain as healthy as we can be up till and beyond retirement.  It has nothing to do with fatphobia or fat marginalisation.

The author is wrong about #bodygoals not being body positive.  In fact, loving our bodies enough to take good care of them WILL lead to more confidence over time.  This is, in fact, extremely body positive!

I hope that this entry provides a different perspective.  The author clearly needs help if she’s triggered by others’ goals for their bodies.  Mind your own damn business.

Aquarius Moon


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