Feminism doesn’t scare me; radical feminists do

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some old-school feminists – capable, independent and successful women – who’ve worked quietly behind the scenes to improve the lives of all women, especially those living in poverty.  They’ve been an inspiration to me all these years.

Compared to radical feminists, the old-school ones seem meek and docile.  Instead of being keyboard warriors and shouting down dissenters, they focus on actually doing good work.  They organise charity events and trips to visit unfortunate women abroad, bringing canned food, blankets, toys for children and powdered milk.

These old-school feminists don’t waste time labelling all sorts of men misogynists; instead, they visit shelters protecting women from domestic abuse and teach them crafts so that they can eke out a living.  They offer free tuition services so that uneducated women can learn languages and other necessary life skills.

Old-school feminists conduct themselves in a classy and refined manner, always observing the highest standards of behaviour because they take pride in being role models.  Contrast them with radical feminists who condemn slut shaming, who’re foul-mannered and aggressive and you can see why people get turned off by modern feminism.

I’m not afraid of feminism.  In fact, original feminism helped women immensely.  But radical feminism doesn’t resonate with me because, instead of praising exemplary behaviour, it practically spits on this and glorifies loose morals and low standards.  It is the antithesis of what feminism ever stood for.

Old-school feminism encouraged women to be more – more capable, more educated – to be the best version of themselves.  Radical feminism tells women it’s ok to indulge in debauchery and vulgar behaviour.  How is that progress?  To me, it’s regression!

For this reason, I can’t embrace radical or modern feminism.  But old-school feminists will always have my utmost admiration and respect for improving women.  I definitely can get behind that.

Aquarius Moon


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