Changing your buffet mindset

As you can see in this blog, this normal woman does go for buffet meals.  Buffets are very popular all over the world.  Singaporeans especially adore these value-for-money all you can eat feasts.  A few days ago, my man commented that it’s better for him to avoid buffets as they lead to weight gain.

Yet, Cherry and I don’t experience the same problem.  Unlike most people who stuff themselves to the brim in order to maximise their dollars, we hardly (although occasionally I do indulge in gluttony :P) eat any differently from normal days when we visit buffet restaurants.  I’ll share our mindset in this entry as it might help others : )

The word ‘buffet’ originated from the sideboard, on which various foods are served.  The intention was for diners to be able to try a variety of dishes during a meal.  As buffets got more popular and more expensive over time, it caused people to overeat in order to justify the cost but this comes at a price; a VERY high price – health.

Guys, restaurants don’t care if you ruin your health gorging on the food.  All they care about are profit margins.  So they will offer you a huge variety of food and you can stuff yourself all you like as long as they can charge you higher for it.  A switch in mindset can help all of us to enjoy our buffet meals and remain at a healthy weight.

Here’s how I do it.  Cherry followed and, once she got it, realised just how easy it is.  It takes practice, however, so please be patient.  My man still hasn’t mastered it, so give it time.

Remember quality over quantity in my previous entry?  Good.  Now combine this with remembering the original intent of a buffet – we pay to try a variety of dishes, the priority being good quality food.  So go ahead and try the best quality food available at the buffet.  Do NOT deviate from your usual meal sizes nor food group portions.

Once you’ve savoured the best the restaurant has to offer and start to feel full, stop.  You would’ve gotten your money’s worth at this point.  Any more and eventually, the accumulation of overeating at buffets will result in higher medical costs and detriment to your health.  This isn’t value for money, is it?

Once you’ve grasped this, like Cherry and me, you’ll find hitting the buffets a breeze.  The hard part, as always, is in the beginning.  That’s not to say you can’t let go and indulge in episodes of gluttony.  You can.  Heck, occasionally I do.  But I hate the feeling after, when I’m full till I can’t move, so I don’t do this on a regular basis.

All good things are worth the effort, so I hope people will give it a go.  A nation is always better if its people are healthy, dynamic and always raring to go!  For your health and your family’s, spread the word.  Awareness is always the first step to anything great.  We can all be on our respective journeys to greatness with self improvement.

I wish you all the best : )

Aquarius Moon


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