Health can be a hobby

Hobbies are great.  They take up our time and prevent us from over-relying on our close ones for company.  We don’t become suffocating and clingy; instead, people welcome our company if they have the same interests.  Since July 2008, health became a hobby and increasingly the most important one.

The benefits of making health a hobby are many.  I’ll share some of them in this entry.  If more people become interested in health, it could possibly help lower obesity rates, particularly in countries which have alarmingly high numbers.  It’s not about thinness; rather, it’s about overall wellness and better quality of life.

1.  It leads to more interesting hobbies.  From getting regular exercise to trying out healthy, fast and delicious recipes, there’s more to occupy our time.  The more hobbies we have, the more our loved ones crave our company.  Yes, my man included 😛

2.  We meet like-minded people who we can discuss our habits and ideas, or who can provide helpful advice.  This sometimes leads to great friendships!

3.  We can be mentors and role models to those just starting their journey.  Life is more meaningful and rich when we can give back and help others along.

4.  Just like we strive to produce works of art and culinary masterpieces, our bodies, including the way they function, our energy levels, stamina and strength, become our individual works of art.  We learn to appreciate and admire the beauty of our physiques and become more motivated to be even better.

5.  Better health enables us to branch out into other areas of interest that are not health-related, such as buying prettier clothes, becoming food and wine connoisseurs, how to improve on our mannerisms, behaviour and thoughts, as well as how to relax and cope with stress.  All these lead to holistic wellness.

The above and more were my experiences along this health journey.  It is perhaps the hardest thing I’ve ever done, yet the most rewarding.  Who doesn’t want to be a well-rounded individual? : )

Help others make health their hobby.  Share what you’ve learnt, create awareness and form your own support group!

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Aquarius Moon


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