My man caring for me

Being women, we adore it when our men support us, spoil us, pamper us, indulge us and take care of us.  Well, except for radfems, but there’s always the possibility that they’ve suppressed their femininity for too long and, hence, forgotten the joys of being a heterosexual female.  It’s a pity.

Although there’s the popular belief that women like bad boys, I’ve never been attracted to them.  They’re selfish, self-absorbed and self-centred, with lousy attitude problems to match and they make their partners’ lives HELL.  Why would any sane woman put up with lousy behaviour for an extended period?

For awhile, my man acted like a bad boy.  Eventually, my patience ran out.  I no longer wanted to be with him.  At 40, I wanted a peaceful and harmonious relationship and to be happy.  Had I stayed with him at the time, I wouldn’t have what I want.

But my man changed.  A lot.  He’s making tremendous effort to keep me happy.  Nowadays, whilst work can be stressful, I no longer dread coming home to face him.  In fact, I look forward to it.  It’s the highlight of my day and helps me to cope with the anal boss’ crap.

Not only is my man more supportive, he’s taking better care of me.  I came home on an exhausting day and he busied himself in the kitchen baking me a garoupa fillet with butter and lots of chopped garlic! 😀  He’d also spent time choosing the freshest fish in order to boost my health and energy levels.

From living in a nightmare to having my dream relationship, my man has made it happen.  I feel cherished and supported.  Life is good now : )  I hope to share more happy and positive news with readers in time to come : )

Aquarius Moon


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