The body positivity hypocrisy

A woman who’d given birth posted photos of herself at the beach, clad in a cute bikini.  She included a body positive message stating that she was proud of her figure after 3 babies, stretch marks, flabby stomach and all.  Instead of cheering her on, women attacked her for alleged ‘fat shaming’.  Her crime?  She was a healthy weight.

The SJWs’ double standards and censorship of thin women are obvious enough.  Sane and sensible folks saw the similarity between this woman’s post and the Protein World advertisement which raised a huge stink.  Calls for representation and diversity are but a thin veil that barely conceals vile jealousy.

There’s no difference between slender and fat ladies loving their bodies.  Rather than resorting to surgical augmentation to achieve ‘perfect proportions’, these women choose to accept and adore what they’ve been blessed with and, in some instances, worked hard for, be it by being healthy or embracing radical body love.

So why is it that fat ladies can love their bodies and be cheered on, whereas the thin are attacked?  Why are we disallowed from loving our figures and attacked for doing so?  Why are we being bullied?  Are the fat community trying to ban us from posting our photos on social media entirely?

I’m sick and tired of this double standard.  People say that the pendulum will eventually swing the other way again.  I can’t wait for it to happen.  At least many slender women are trying our level best to be respectful, but it looks like our goodwill won’t be reciprocated.  Why do we even bother?  It’s such a thankless task.

I urge thin women to continue posting their body positive selfies and photos online.  Don’t let the hostile ones in the fat community bully you off social media.  Love yourselves and stand up to the hostility.  If these horrid fat people want respect, they’d better learn to give it.

Aquarius Moon


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