Don’t seek to appeal to men who demand perfection

Big bouncy bosom.  Big bouncy ass.  Tiny waist.  Yup, the much lauded hourglass figure has long been held as the standard of perfection.  Women all over the world have undergone surgical breast augmentation for years.  Kim Kardashian made butt implants popular after flaunting her ample derriere.

With more ladies posting selfies on social media, there’re more opportunities for men to post comments about women’s bodies.  Not all comments are praises and many of them are disheartening critiques.  It does seem like we won’t ever measure up to their expectations of what is attractive.

Or do we already?

If all men demand perfection, normal women like me – proudly bearing itsy bitsy teeny weeny boobs – would never find love!  Well, I’ve never been single for long.  If I can find love, so can anyone else.  But here’s the thing: I never sought to appeal to men who expect perfection from women.  That would be courting disaster.

Rather than kill myself trying to live up to expectations I can never hope to meet (unless I go under the knife and I’d rather not), it makes better sense to maintain my physique the way it is because it’s attractive to guys who happen to like it.  It’s not like I need xxx number of social media Likes from men anyway.

I take care of my health and my appearance in moderation.  That is enough for me.  If it’s not enough for some dudes then they can move along and date someone else who fits their preferences better.  It sure beats a lifetime of being with them and constantly feeling insecure or inadequate.

In a way, this helps me remain body confident most of the time.  I don’t hanker for social media acknowlegement for my body.  It’s enough for me, it’s enough for my man and all I want is to share tips about how to lead a moderately healthy life.

Aquarius Moon


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