Stop dissing #fitspo!

Fat activists claim that #fitspo is just another version of #thinspo and that it body shames women all the same.  They allege that it perpetuates diet and fitness culture, which keeps ladies obsessed with having perfect bodies.  Whenever I read these allegations, I wonder if these fat activists are mentally sound.

When I look at #fitspo, I don’t feel shame about my body.  If the inspiring quote is accompanied by a fitness model, I think, ‘Yum, she looks strong.  Gimme some of that!’  I feel motivated to be more active, to do more back exercises for better support and reduce the pain of my spine injury.

To motivate myself further and encourage my readers, I post undoctored photos of my own physique.  Whilst nowhere near as fit and muscular as fitness models, my body shows what IS achievable for normal women with full-time jobs, who don’t use the gym nor physical trainers and who don’t hire private dieticians nor cooks.

It is every bit as realistic as any other body without Photoshop nor filters.  I worked very hard because of health and #fitspo reminds me that I need to give fitness priority so as to manage the pain and stiffness of the injury.  Exercise has replaced the high impact basketball I used to play after the auto accident and kept me mobile and agile during this health journey.

After embarking on this health journey, I never once felt lousy about my body.  Looking at #fitspo reminds me of how far I’ve come since I first started and I love it!  Exercise strengthened my physique so much that I could completely stop my pain medication.  How could anyone claim it isn’t beneficial to women?!

In fact, many women like me are inspired by #fitspo.  Stop trying to make it go away.  I don’t want that to happen!

Aquarius Moon


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