Bigger baby steps with stair-climbing

Baby steps worked so well for me that, when Cherry and Grace approached me for tips about weight loss and getting leaner, I used the same formula for their personalised basic programmes.  I’ve blogged about their success, so I won’t rehash the details.  What I will write about is how to apply this formula to exercise.

Weight loss plateaus occur when our bodies have fully adapted to our existing routines and habits.  This is why fat activists keep harping on about weight set points.  In order to break through the plateau, you need to shock your system by doing something different.  You can achieve it by implementing a totally different change or improving on your existing routine (STILL a change).

Hence, I advocate improving on the basic health programme I’d provided earlier every 2 to 3 weeks.  You adapt, your weight plateaus, then you change again.  Makes perfect sense, right?  I applied this to stair-climbing and power-walking.  Today I’ll share how I did it with the former.

On weekdays, I need to climb up to 4 storeys, i.e. 8 flights of 13 steps each.  I’d started with just 1 storey and got winded!  After 2 flights!  That was how unfit I used to be!  I continued doing it anyway.  2 weeks later, I did 2 storeys.  Another 2 weeks after, 3 storeys.  Finally, 4 storeys, following yet 2 more weeks.

But it didn’t stop there.  Hell no!  I’ve been on this journey for almost 9 years, remember? 😛  I used to rest after every 2 flights of stairs to catch my breath.  So after being able to take the stairs for 4 storeys, I tried resting only after 3 flights.  2 weeks later, 4 flights.  The following 2 weeks, 5 flights.  Today, I climb 6 flights to rest for 30 seconds before completing the 8 flights of steps.

I hope this helps you.  Promise I’ll share how I applied baby steps to power-walking in the very near future! : )

Aquarius Moon


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