2 health myths exposed

If you Google for health tips, especially for weight loss, there’re many articles out there.  If the obese are confused, I don’t blame them.  Some of these ‘studies’ and ‘research findings’ from various ‘experts’ contradict one another!

In this entry, I’ll pick apart 2 of these health tips and products and give you my views about them.  There’s a reason I chose to follow Japanese living habits; until fastfood culture reached their shores, they had the world’s healthiest (and most youthful) elderly population!

#1  Forget cardio and focus on lifting heavy.

My opinion:

Now hang on a second.  These annoying ‘do you even lift, brah?’ dude bros think it’s cool to shit on cardio just because they think pumping iron makes them tough and cool.  Next time you head to the gym, I want you to take a look at the average lifter.  NOT the fitness trainers nor the gym bunnies.  Just the average heavy lifter.

Big shoulders?  Check.  Big thighs?  Check.  Erm, big belly.  Checkcheckcheck!  You see, cardio melts visceral fat.  The Japanese who don’t eat junk food don’t sport huge stomachs.  They don’t lift BUT they do a lot of walking.  How does this work?  Try this experiment.

Place your hands on your lower abs, fingers touching the upper pubic area and palms spread out to cover part of your hips.  Now walk.  March.  Feel it?  Of course you do!  Because our body parts are connected!  Our legs are connected to our lower torsos.  And our lower abs link to our upper abs!

So by moving our legs back and forth when we run, walk, cycle and swim, we’re burning off that harmful layer of visceral fat – the most dangerous type of belly fat that causes chronic and critical illnesses.  Contrast this with using your arms to lift that damn iron.  Are your arms connected to your belly?  Nope!  They’re connected to your shoulders and back.

So flip the bird at those dude bros and say hi to the very misunderstood and much maligned cardio!

#2  You need isotonic drinks to replenish electrolytes or whatever when you exercise.

My opinion:

This myth is best busted by asking a couple of very common sense questions.  Do you see professional marathon runners drinking them or water?  Did isotonic drinks exist decades ago and did older athletes rely on them?  There you have it, your answer.  You’re welcome.

In fact, these are manufactured using chemicals.  Medicines are chemicals.  Cosmetics are chemicals.  Do you like taking medicine?  Would you eat your lipstick, eye shadow and powder compact as a snack?  So why would you drink isotonic beverages?!

I hope to examine more health myths in future entries so as to spread more awareness.  If you find this helpful, please do your part and spread the knowledge.  I’m sick and tired of some of the garbage masquerading as ‘advice’, ‘tips’ and ‘studies’ out there.

Aquarius Moon


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