Carbs and abs?  Yes, it’s possible!

Many (wrongly) assume that, in order to have a moderately toned stomach, I don’t eat any carbs.  So they try the ketogenic or Atkins diet and soon discover that they lack energy.  They’re winded more quickly when they run and they tire easily.

*massive eye roll*

I’ve told these folks time and again that I DO eat carbs, I just ensure that I balance my major food groups in a day and move a lot!  Never have I ever said that giving up carbs completely is good for health.  I don’t do it and don’t encourage it.  At all!

There.  Carbs.  Carbscarbscarbscarbscarbs!  My staples are rice and porridge.  Sometimes I have potatoes, other times noodles, bread or pasta.  Where DID these weirdos get the bizarre idea that I don’t eat carbohydrates at all?! *completely baffled*

Moving as much as I do, I need carbohydrates for energy.  Food is fuel for the body and I give mine enough to keep energised throughout the day.  Besides, I hate being hangry, so I bulk up my meals with rice.  Because I walk a lot, climb stairs and move as much as possible, the calories are used up quickly.

Rather than make assumptions about someone’s diet, I would rather they ask me directly.  Being healthy is never about drastic food restriction; it’s a combination of eating well and being active.  Since health is my priority, it doesn’t make sense to do something unhealthy like exclude a major food group.

Erm, where are their brains? 😛

Aquarius Moon


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