No, fat and thin are not equal and why that is ok

That was my man’s face when I nonchalantly told him yesterday what I intended to write about.  ‘Do you want to be torn to shreds by the fat activists?’ he asked.  My answer to him was, this post will be positive.  Unlike some women who think nothing of putting down slender bodies to make themselves feel good, I’ll not stoop to their level.

Celebrating diversity in shapes and sizes includes accepting that whether a person is thin or fat, has an apple, pear, banana or hourglass shape and spots cellulite or is completely smooth and taut are not equal.  But of course!  We don’t look the same!  It doesn’t mean our bodies can’t be attractive; but they’re attractive in DIFFERENT ways.

Is a tan attractive?  Absolutely!

Is a peaches and cream complexion attractive?  Absolutely!

Are 6-pack stomachs attractive?  Absolutely!

Are normal bellies attractive?  Absolutely!

Is a small, toned and tight butt attractive?  Absolutely!

Is a Brazilian bubble butt attractive?  Absolutely!

Are slender and shapely legs attractive?  Absolutely!

Are plump and juicy thighs attractive?  Absolutely!


The above are not equal at all and yet, they’re still attractive in their own way.

Unless you’re insane enough to tell me that a 25″ waist is equal in size to a 37″ waist, fat and thin aren’t equal.  None of us take up equal amounts of space and we don’t have equal amounts of body fat, we don’t buy equal numbers of outfits.  But none of this means we’re not attractive!

So no, fat and thin are not equal.  They never will be.  But we can accept this in a positive way.  Only then will we truly be able to celebrate body diversity.

Aquarius Moon


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