Why I’m NOT and refuse to be a fat shamer

Oooooh, heavy topic!  My thoughts are a tad jumbled up when it comes to such a sensitive subject, but I’ll try my best.

Just as the fat community tries to rid the word ‘fat’ of negative stereotypes, it would be good to do the same with ‘skinny’ or ‘thin’.  Due to the (sometimes very public) torment and humiliation the obese have experienced from morons, they’ve become wary of slim people in general.

This may have caused them to lash out at someone who isn’t heavy even if that individual is innocent, because of preconceived notions of thin folks.  Changing this perception will help to stop the harmful ‘us versus them’ mentality so that more people can work towards co-existing harmoniously.

I’ve stated from the very start that I’m not a fat shamer.  I don’t condone singling out our heavy counterparts for abuse, mockery and humiliation.  My man and I think it’s cruel and unnecessary.  We have a very low opinion of those who engage in such wicked behaviour.

Shaming others for their weight is a form of bullying.  It leads to the obese feeling ostracised, alone and traumatised.  There’re articles stating that fat shaming frequently leads to greater weight gain; I agree with them.  In order to cope with the mental abuse, overweight victims turn to what gives them comfort – eating.  Cue the downward spiral.

Most of us have experienced bullying in 1 form or another during the course of our lives.  If you’ve never experienced it, you’re incredibly blessed!  Please get down on your knees and give a thousand thanks for being shielded from the mental and emotional abuse.  For the rest of us, we know how bad it makes us feel.

If we don’t like being bullied, why inflict the torture on someone else, especially innocent folks who’ve not done us harm?  For this reason, my man and I are firmly against shaming the obese.  We may be against fatlogic and harmful wrong facts spread by some fat activists because it’s bad for health, but we refuse to be mean to the overweight.

Furthermore, 1 of the main reasons the obese got to their size is, their lifestyles, including their eating and exercise habits, were most likely formed since childhood.  Many parents use food as a form of reward, comfort or treat.  Because of this, the obese have an emotional attachment to eating.  It takes a long time to undo behaviour which was formed since childhood.

Some of us are lucky to break those habits.  Some – and I’m 1 of them – are blessed to have been born into families that brought us up with eating and exercise habits that have kept us thin.  Even when we put on weight, we only need to return to these habits to successfully lose the weight.  All we need to be healthier is to read up more to improve on existing behavioural patterns.

Just because we’re slim doesn’t make us more determined or disciplined than the obese or that we have more willpower.  Rather, we have the advantage of knowing what to do because of our upbringing.  We have nothing to feel superior or smug about.

Rather than shame the obese, we can do our part to increase awareness about healthy eating and exercise habits.  Weight loss is usually incidental to getting healthier; but the overweight will definitely benefit from increased energy levels and a sense of well being.  This will motivate them to take even better care of themselves.

I’ve been a victim of bullying.  I would never ever want to cause the same trauma to another person.  Yes, I disagree with the harmful lies some fat activists spread, but I am against this behaviour, not the weight.  I don’t condone fat shaming and never will.  So please be assured of this when you visit my blog.

Aquarius Moon


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