Forget diet culture, stop bullying instead

Before tackling the subject, I hatehatehate these boardshorts from Wish!!!!!!!!  They looked fitted in the photos.  I loved the vibrant print and ordered the smallest size, but look what arrived in the mail!!! X(  I look as though I’m wearing my man’s boxers *bleah forever*

Ok, rant over.

I shake my head whenever I read about who has it worse – fat or skinny women – when it comes to body shaming, or articles criticising ‘diet culture’.  People are losing focus when it comes to stopping the 1 thing that causes all the hatred, spite and malice online: the bullying instinct.

Rather than eradicating the problem by its roots, body positive activists are getting sidetracked about whether the limelight is constantly on the most marginalised bodies, whether there’re fat Barbies and cartoon characters, whether fat women are cast as romantic leads and so on.

But the problem of shaming persists and, until the tendency to bully is quelled, it will continue to exist.  Branching out into fat positivity instead of banding together as a body positive whole only means the morons divided and conquered by separating plus women into acceptable smaller fats and unacceptable larger fats.

It’s very disappointing that people’s focus are so easily diverted.  Getting rid of bullying culture is the solution to all that shaming business.  This isn’t about political correctness; it’s about letting jerks know that their behaviour is malicious, atrocious and won’t be tolerated.

Stop criticising diet culture.

Stop telling slim women that skinny shaming is ok because… thin privilege.  It only perpetuates this nasty body shaming business.

Work together and stop bullying against bigger and smaller women alike, period.  Focus on the larger picture instead, please.  If we all do our part, the bullies will find themselves ostracised and finally realise that their malice is completely unacceptable.



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