Body positivity reaches Asia

So that you know: body positivity has landed in Asia and is increasingly etching itself firmly into our cultural landscape.  In Taiwan, 2 fat women are winning hearts as Rou Dan Tian Xin, translated as Meatball Sweethearts, with their honest and vulnerable skits, videos and essays posted in their Facebook page, Lady Bom Bom Power (how adorable! <3).

Local CLEO magazine published a body positive article, which featured 3 bold and sassy babes proudly donning fashionable bikinis.  The joy was a tad dampened after Instagram deleted a photo 1 of these women posted, but all’s well that ends well ultimately, because it brought more attention and publicity to the write-up.

In Korea, Vivian Kim Gee-yang continues pioneering plus size fashion amidst heated criticism.  It’s tough to be heavy in 1 of the most fatphobic countries in the world, but the gutsy curve model takes it all in stride.  Mocked and ridiculed by fellow South Koreans for being ‘disgusting’, the feisty dynamite shows no signs of stopping.  Good on her!

India, which up to recent decades, has always prized more voluptuous women, launched its first plus size model auditions at Lakme Fashion Week last year.  Some of the most beautiful plus women participated.  The country is also organising Ms Plus Size North India.  Details can be found in their Facebook page if you’re interested.

This surely is good news for our heavier counterparts in Asia.  Not only will they finally see that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and weights, they can be motivated to develop more body confidence and self esteem.  Businesses are starting to see the market potential, with more specialty plus size stores stocking gorgeous clothes for curve women.

There’s only 1 thing I don’t hope to see as body positivity continues to rise in popularity in this region: the same division of women into fat vs thin camps.  Let’s all just live together harmoniously.  The world is big enough to accommodate all of us.



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