Exercise with music

With so much talk about the obesity epidemic and focus on spreading awareness about eating well as well as the importance of regular exercise, we often neglect 1 very important area of our lives – relaxation.  Stress takes a very huge toll on our psyches and, once the mind goes, so does the body, no matter how active we may once have been.

The negativity that stress brings affects our moods.  We might feel so bad that we don’t want to go out or even move!  Hence the curling up on the couch with a sad movie and bowls of creamy Ben & Jerry’s.  If you do this, know that you’re not alone; it’s very common amongst depressed or very stressed out folks!

I listen to music to relax quite often.  It’s inevitable that we face unpleasant situations from time to time so, when I’m in a very foul mood, I just plug in those earphones, turn up the volume and blast away during a power walk!  No sad tunes for this gal, I prefer fast songs with a pounding beat so I can pace my walk according to the rhythm.

A favourite is Who Let The Dogs Out by the Baha Men.  Alright, it’s a generation thing and I’m betraying my age 😛  But it’s a happy ditty that anyone can enjoy and it really gets me moving.  Going to the gym can be intimidating for those who’re just beginning their health journey, but music can help to tune out what others might think and help one to focus on doing what the body needs: move it move it!

Humming ‘I like to move it, move it’ 😛

Sometimes I play Marc Anthony’s ‘I Need To Know’ and sway to the sultry beat.  Yeah, good ol’ dancing is a great way to get active and uses many muscle groups at a time 🙂  Usually, after a good dance workout, my mood is much improved.  After a shower, it’s time to relax with good food and possibly some beers (oh c’mon, one needs to destress! :P).

Music is food for the soul, so when the going gets tough, play some happy tunes while you exercise.  That way, all of us can be mentally and physically healthier 🙂



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