Are you eating enough variety?

I’ve written about the dismal food presentation in this region.  Well, excuse that.  Our meals still taste good, although the dining experience would be enhanced if the ingredients were placed prettily.  The above is a seafood and pork ball soup, eaten with rice.

Here are curry chicken noodles, another favourite.  With added beansprouts and potato, it’s a complete meal on its own.  Fat activists allege that, in order to be thin, health fanatics live on lettuce leaves, broccoli and skinless chicken breasts.  However, a moderately healthy lifestyle should equal eating a proper variety of foods.

Curry laksa.  Similar to curry chicken noodles, except thick rice vermicelli is used in place of egg noodles and shrimp and cockles are substitutes for tender, juicy chicken.

Living solely on just a few types of veggies isn’t going to feed our systems with all the nutrients they require to function well.  It’s the same as dietitians cutting out carbs completely when they place their patients on weight loss diets.  Too drastic and leads to lethargy.  How will they be able to get more active?!

Pork rib noodle soup.  Note dark green veggies and not beansprouts.

I would discontinue healthy living too if all I can eat day in and day out are skinless chicken breasts and broccoli.  Chicken breasts are not tender like women’s boobs.  They’re frequently tough and dry and the skin is always the best part!  I only eat chicken thighs and drumsticks, with the skin on, thanks very much!

Pigs’ organs soup, eaten with rice.  Ok, it sounds gross but it’s actually very tasty 😛

I have both red and white meat, plus seafood.  Similarly, I eat a variety of veggies.  In this way, my system is fed a whole lot of beneficial goodness.  I have a lot more energy to exercise regularly and keep active.  Seriously, who wants to live on yucky skinless chicken breasts and broccoli for the rest of their lives?

Not this chick 😛



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