Ashley Graham is just human

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Ashley Graham.  She’s a big girl but man, does she rock the extra pounds!  With her smouldering good looks and lush curves, she sizzles in everything from bodyhugging dresses, swimwear, lingerie and… well… when she’s wearing nothing at all 😛  It’s no wonder then that she has confidence in spades.

As a public figure, Ms Graham has accomplished more than any other body activist ever has.  Her beautiful face has graced the covers of Sports Illustrated, Vogue and Glamour.  She gave every plus size girl and woman the chance to dream, hope and feel good about their bodies.  Everyone couldn’t get enough of her.



In recent weeks, Ms Graham faced backlash from some of her most ardent supporters.  Ravishly published a blistering article written by bitter and jealous fat activist Ragen Chastain, criticising the plus size model.  Her crime?  She dared to say that on some days, she ‘feels fat’ and wanted to give all women tools to combat that feeling.

Some of Ms Graham’s fans took to Twitter to bash her or express their displeasure over the comment.  However, let’s put things in perspective a little bit.  She may be a wildly successful model.  She might be the current IT girl for the plus size community.  But models are only human; they make mistakes.

Whilst Ms Graham has been uplifting everyone and bolstering the self esteem of millions, she isn’t perfect and people shouldn’t expect her to be.  It isn’t her fault that her fans placed her on a pedestal and accorded her superhero status.  She’s just like any woman who has good and bad hair days.

Sure, maybe Ms Graham could’ve been more sensitive, but there will be times when she lacks tact because like all of us, she has flaws.  Some models might be catty (hello Dani Mathers!) but not Ms Graham, who has done so much to place plus size women in the spotlight.  Yet, just 1 small error on her part and the punishment is lethal.

I’ll still remain a huge fan of Ashley Graham.  For all that she’s done for women everywhere in the world, she deserves forgiveness and support.  She brought credibility to the plus size community and gave them a voice.  And this is how they repaid her.  Well done *sarcasm*



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