Countdown to Batam!!!

Doesn’t time fly?  The Malaysia getaway seems like yesterday!  But we had such a good time that, although my man booked a cruise for us at the end of September, he found the wait for another getaway too long.  So he decided that we would have 1 in August.  Now, here I am counting down to Batam! 😀

We’re heading there next week.  Like any vain (and I don’t mean it in a bad way) woman, I’m thinking about what to wear.  I’m forever in shorts on weekends due to the tropical climate in this region, unless there’s a formal function to attend.  Besides, everyone is casual in Batam, locals and tourists alike.

I used to write more about Batam in my old blog.  At the time, it was a new experience.  Maybe I should write about it again.  Staying at hotels are the only times I actually step into a gym (shut up :P).  There isn’t a need to specially visit one in Singapore since there’s a park with basic equipment about a 10-minute power walk from home.

In 2012, our government launched a health programme to combat rising obesity rates.  Although the equipment they installed in the parks isn’t as high tech as those in a gym, they’re easy to use.  Almost every neighbourhood has 1.  Government-subsidised flats also boast mini playgrounds for kids and basketball courts for teens.

This health initiative definitely makes it easier for those of us who want to increase our activity levels.  In the evenings, people walk their dogs at the park.  Some cycle, others having a stroll and using the basic equipment.  It’s a very pleasant way to spend our leisure 🙂

In a sense, the government’s efforts, whilst not curbing rising obesity, has helped to keep it from skyrocketing for now.  We’re still below 15%.  Nevertheless, despite the equipment provided at parks, I still enjoy stepping into a gym when we have our short vacations.  It’s just so motivating and we always have a fantastic sweat session 😛



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