Lazy Sunday… not :P

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning.  I made the most of the cool and fresh morning air by giving the lungs a good workout after breakfast and a 45-minute rest.  The sweat session was great, I feel invigorated after a hot shower.  It would be nice to just chill at the balcony but…

My man will be home soon.  We need to get groceries for the next few days, come back, dump them in the fridge, grab some lunch (and a coffee) and visit grandma.  Then we’ll return, change into exercise clothes and power walk before dinner with weekend beers.

I need to get dressed but can’t decide on my outfit.  What do I pair with light denim shorts embellished with rhinestones???  A bodycon would be nice but not very practical for grocery shopping and I can’t be bothered to change outfits in the middle of the day.  Crap.  I’m just going to dig around for a strappy top.



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