Yummy weekend past

Lurrrrvin’ summer whites!

After agonising over what top to pair with the shorts, I settled on white.  Finally ready to go out!  We drove to Toa Payoh hub where there is a large NTUC supermart for grocery shopping.

Toa Payoh is 1 of the oldest and most populated housing estates.  People stay in government-subsidised apartments, or flats, as they’re called.

Stocking up on weekend beers, coffee, eggs and food! 😛

Time for lunch at Crystal Jade.  It gets very crowded during lunch time, so it pays to get there at about 11:00am.  We had the whole place – and wait staff – to ourselves! 😛

My man, still moderately fit and healthy at 45 years old, very happy that we escaped the crowds 😛

We snacked on crunchy dough crackers while we waited for our food.

Nothing goes better with a bowl of rice than this dish.  Finely diced fish is tossed with steamed egg white and conpoy strips, then topped with a raw egg.  To eat, add a dash of vinegar and white pepper, break the raw egg yolk and mix thoroughly.  Oh god, it’s so good!

Xiao long bao and siew mai are staples.  Although the xiao long bao at Swatow Restaurant has finer and smoother pastry skin, the siew mai is much more delicious.  A whole shrimp was added to the minced pork and topped with ebiko.  Very juicy, very tasty!

I felt sleepy after the meal, so we stopped for some local coffee at a hawker centre located at the Punggol housing estate and listened with amusement to a group of middle-aged women gossiping VERY loudly.  It was impossible not to overhear what they said when they were talking at the top of their voices!  Boy were they spiteful and catty… :/

Big time bitches are a pain in the ass 😛

With the cloudy and breezy weather, it was still a pleasant way to spend the day.  I’m glad we exercised afterwards to work off the filling lunch!  Otherwise I wouldn’t feel hungry enough for dinner 😛  And beers 😛



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