The unfortunate plight of models today

It’s tough being a model nowadays.  Whether straight or plus size, these gorgeous women not only have to present clothes and accessories in the most flattering light, they’re now held accountable – although they never asked for it – for body image issues.  When did this happen?!  Is it even their job in the first place?

During childhood, models were these strangers who looked fabulous.  Sure, I would pretend to strut the runway with SB – a childhood friend – and my cousin, Sin Yee, but we knew it was just playacting.  Models were never my role models; mummy and grandma were.  They taught me what I needed to know, including caring for my appearance, and they took pride in it.

Yes, social media warps young girls’ body confidence, but is it wholly to blame?  I was disturbed when I read articles and comments about parents not wanting thin models to be in advertisements to protect their children.  Shouldn’t the kids’ body image be the parents’ responsibility and models be left alone to do their jobs, i.e. sell products?

Cherry and I ensure that we give little Noe the right message – that being healthy is most important.  The girl spends a lot of her leisure on sports, doing cartwheels and hanging out at the playground with her friends.  She’s radiant and slim as a result and has good self esteem.  Sure, she admires models and celebrities, but she doesn’t rely on them for beauty standards.

Children rely on family members for guidance and this is what we should provide; not make models accountable for what we ought to be doing ourselves.  If we’re absent from kids’ lives or we’re too lazy to guide them, they’ll look to outside influences, including social media.  Could it be that parents are trying to pass the buck to models nowadays?  It seems rather unfair.



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