Contentment is so blissful

Is the rainy season arriving? *look hopeful*  On Monday, we were treated to almost a full day of glorious rain.  The downpour lightened, stopped, then started again.  Fresh, crisp and comfortably cool air was so inviting that my man and I hung out at the balcony longer than usual.  It’s always during these times, when the skies are overcast and I gaze at my peaceful and quiet neighbourhood that my heart is at its most serene and tranquil.  A hot hazelnut coffee is more fragrant, a spicy curry more satisfying.

I’ve led a very blessed and sheltered life.  Grandparents fussed over me during childhood.  Parents were disciplinarians but cared deeply about little bro and me.  Now, being with my man is like being wrapped up in soft, fluffy cotton wool.  Everywhere I go, there’s always been at least 1 person who willingly helps and takes care of me.  Shielded by so much gentility and kindness, perhaps, I wasn’t exposed much to the jarring cruelty of humanity.

Sure, I do meet the occasional asshole (like my anal ex boss or the office bullies).  During such times I was always so horrified and angry.  How could people do this?  But nothing prepared me for the sheer exasperation and frustration I would face when I saw the hatred directed at and, also, perpetuated by the #BodyPositive advocates cum modern/radical #Feminists cum #SocialJustice Warriors.

Their neverending discontentment at everything, from plus size clothes, medical equipment, seating sizes, advertisements, movie and TV roles and plots, to cartoons, comics, story lines, video games and toys, nothing any company does can please them.  They’re dissatisfied with the disparity between male and female salaries and, generally, every single thing in society.  I cannot relate to this mindset; whatever happened to being grateful for what you DO have and what you’ve been given?

Perhaps, despite having a degree and having been exposed to the corporate life, I’m just a simple woman at the end of the day.  I don’t covet what others have.  Why waste precious time in a highly negative, dissatisfied state when I can find joy and peace in what many of us take for granted – the pitter patter of raindrops hitting leaves and rooftops, the love, encouragement and support of a wonderful partner, family and friends, as well as the satisfaction of a good workout?

Have you ever taken a few moments to revel in the memories of a loving kiss?  Or inhaled the rich aroma of foamy coffee that your special someone made for you (yes, my man does this)?  Or appreciated sharing the simplest, yet absolutely delicious softboiled eggs with your partner?  Or realised that your family members loved you in their own way?  If you haven’t, I would suggest you try it someday.  You don’t need to wait till cosy times in front of your fireplace during Christmas.  Why only feel positive once a year when you can do so every so often?

Contentment is so pure, so blissful.  It’s like a rainbow planted itself in your heart and mind.  Suddenly, the unpleasantness that frequently occurs in life melts away.  All that is left, is a state of tranquil bliss.



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