Curry causes weight gain – fact or myth

Curry is a staple food in some Southeast Asian countries.  In multicultural Singapore (thankfully, ‘cultural appropriation’ is not yet a thing), Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians, and small expat communities live together harmoniously.  Each race has its own unique way of cooking this delicious spicy dish and they’re heavenly when eaten with rice or sliced baguettes.

Despite our love for curry, many locals fear eating it regularly, due to the widely held belief that it causes weight gain.  But does it, really?  In this blog, I’ve shared the curries I love and eat, and I eat them VERY often.  Only fresh ingredients are used, whether it’s chicken and potato, mutton, vegetable or fish curry.  The various spices and coconut milk added to the rich gravy supply our bodies with added nutrients.  Science also showed that chilli speeds up the metabolism.  So where’s the problem?

Well, here it is.  Because curry gravies are bloody delicious, there’s the tendency to want to mop up all of it and not waste even a drop.  This might mean consuming several plates of rice or too many slices of bread.  Unless one is active enough, it leads to an imbalance of macro food groups, which the body stores as adipose tissue for future use.  Happily, there’re ways to resolve this.

To avoid packing on the pounds, all we need to do is either of the following:

1.  After a filling meal, rest for 45 minutes, then power walk for half an hour or up to 1 hour; OR

2.  Limit the rice eaten with curry to just 1 plate (it’s hard, I know, hence I usually do #1).

In a nutshell:

Curries by themselves don’t cause obesity.  It’s the over-consumption of rice or bread in order to wipe out the rich and delicious gravy that leads to weight gain.  Walk off the excess calories and you can enjoy this tasty dish as often as you want.  I do.  And I love, love, LOVE it.



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