My man, my hubster

Okay, I need to stop referring to my husband as my man.  To make it less formal, he’ll henceforth be known as ‘hubster’.  It’s only fair because he’s been very open about his wife, i.e me.  Besides, I’ve opened up more about my life in this blog.  It’s time to share about the commitment between him and me.  Yeah sure, we’ve had our differences and boy did we fight like cats and dogs.  But ultimately, if we weren’t important to each other, we wouldn’t keep trying to make things work between us.

We’re just like any normal couple.  Things aren’t always perfect.  But just as my hubster says that I’m the one he’d been looking for, he’s the best fit for me.  Right from the beginning, when we’d just started dating, everything developed so naturally.  After all this time together, whenever our lips lock (yummy beyond imagination), it’s smoother than the finest dark chocolate.  Maybe that’s why I don’t crave dessert, ok, corny 😛

My hubster and I have gone through the toughest of times together.  I’d seen him through the darkest periods when he was so worried about money.  Happily, things are much better now.  We’ve also enjoyed too many happy moments to mention.  I guess yeah, we’ve fulfilled the marriage vows related to ‘through thick and thin’ 🙂  So although our relationship isn’t free from flaws and imperfections, in a way, it’s perfect for us.  I don’t think we can imagine life with someone else ❤



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