So many ways to eat veggies!

Growing up, family members had no problems getting me to finish up the vegetables.  I loved all types – tangy sichuan pickled ones, sweet Chinese long cabbage, choy sum, spinach, kang kong, brinjal, squashes, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, you name it and I’ll most likely love it.  Ok, maybe except for beetroot.  Besides the yucky taste, I don’t fancy having a vampire mouth 😛

Veggies taste delicious in salads and I love them, but I definitely prefer them cooked.  Creamed spinach (oh god…), ratatouille, vegetable stew, grilled bell peppers and zucchini, sauteed mushrooms in butter, soy sauce and beer (you need to try this) with a dash of pepper and crushed herbs, sambal kangkong, steamed Chinese long cabbage with conpoy and egg white, oven-baked brinjal with butter and teriyaki sauce, the list goes on.  And I devour them all.

1 of my favourites is vegetable curry.  Chunks of carrot, cauliflower, potato and green bell peppers are stewed till soft in a rich, fragrant and fiery gravy.  Potatoes are especially delicious once they’ve absorbed the gravy, so I usually leave them to the very end and eat all of them at a go.  To a foodie, it can feel like a mini slice of paradise 😛

I definitely fulfil the daily requirements for veggie intake.  Now fruit, on the other hand, argh.  I like them, but don’t mind eating more vegetables in place of fruit 😛  How many ways can you eat fruit?  Veggies are definitely more versatile 😛



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