‘You’re not just your body’

Many #BodyPositivity #BodyPositive #BoPo #BodyPosi articles tell us that we’re not just our bodies.  We’re also human beings with feelings, capabilities, intelligence and a whole lot of wonderful things.  I agree with most of what they say and will just add 1 more thing.

You’re not just your body, but your body is still part of you.

Unless you’re telling me you exist in spirit form, then your body, that precious vessel which carries your soul, is ALSO you.  The way you treat it will determine the quality of your journey that is life.  How do you treat your car?  Do you regularly polish it and send it for servicing?  Or, like #WhitneyThore in #MyFatFabulousLife you load it full of garbage and have tons of junk in your trunk?  Have you seen how millionaires treat their Bentleys and Porsches so that they’re always gleaming and gorgeous?  Well, think about whether you treat your body like #WhitneyThore or a millionaire treats their vehicles.

Look.  Whether or not you take care of your car doesn’t make you a good or bad person.  The same applies to your body.  It only affects the comfort of your ride to your destination, including your journey through life.  When people see your bust-up car, they don’t think you’re a lousy person.  They just know you haven’t prioritised cleaning and servicing it.  The same goes for your body.

Taking the best care of your body isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be a size 0.  Just like caring for it as best as I can didn’t magically make me grow larger boobs (dammit!).  But it WILL give you vitality, make you more confident and enhance your sex appeal.  I never think of myself as sexy.  Mostly, I don’t think about this at all.  Body image isn’t topmost in my mind or in my life.  But I regularly share lovely comments I’ve received from men.

Obesity doesn’t make you a bad person.  Sure, maybe you might have a bust-up car now.  But you can start cleaning, polishing and servicing it regularly today.  You can start waxing it and give it that ultra sexy metallic gleam.  In much the same way, you can restore your body.

Your body.  Your vessel.  It’s your choice.


#BodyLove #SelfLove #RealBeauty #BeautifulToMe #EffYourBeautyStandards #BeautyBeyondSize


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