Goodbye F1, hello Batam!

The annual F1 races take place this weekend.  As usual, road closures for the event result in ridiculously heavy traffic everywhere else.  Some people choose to take public transport over driving, so buses and trains are crammed, if we can even get on them at all.  Thus, every year since the F1 arrived on our shores, I’ve escaped the chaos by going on staycations or weekend trips.  It makes more economical sense to visit our neighbouring countries though; hotel prices here are quite steep and easily pay for a comfortable time abroad.

If a bustling city life and vibrant clubbing scene are your thing, head to Jakarta.  If, however, you prefer a slower, more relaxing time, then Batam is a fantastic place.  There’re clubs, but they’re not as rowdy nor packed.  Sorry, I’m not revisiting one just to show you photos of what it’s like.  Some loony bin pinched my thigh when hubster was using the washroom.  GROSS.  We never went back.

I hope to show you the hotel swimming pool and the gym this time around, as well as the giant food centre we usually buy our meals from and other stuff.  We’re looking forward to the trip so much! ❤



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