Love is a bunch of horror shows

1 of the best things about being in a committed relationship is being able to watch shows about the paranormal or horrow movies.  I love them, but whilst staying with my parents, we all had our own bedrooms.  It’s not fun lying in bed alone trying to force myself to sleep after watching something scary and wondering whether I’d just heard that bump in the night.

Yeah sure, I do miss certain aspects of being single, such as meeting friends whenever I want.  But I wouldn’t trade what I have now with my old life.  Friends can’t permanently stay over just because I want to watch horror shows for nights on end!  With hubster around, I can bury my face in his shoulder during the scariest bits and it’s easier to fall asleep afterwards πŸ˜›

We’ve been watching Paranormal Witness lately.  I like it better than A Haunting because many of the cases remain unresolved.  To me, it’s more realistic.  The casting is better too.  Most of the actors chosen bear some resemblance to the real life people narrating their stories.  We’ll probably rewatch Paranormal Activity or The Blair Witch Project once we get sick of the series.



The cheapest torture device to use on your partner when he makes you mad

If you’re reading this post for kinky bedtime romp ideas, you’ll be sorely disappointed.  Oh wait, actually you might not be πŸ˜›  It might just add a fresh and novel twist to your handcuffs and blindfold routine πŸ˜›  For all other readers, this is how you can punish your partner when he makes you goddamn angry.  And the best part is, it will cost you next to nothing.  All you need is creativity and the right moment (usually when he’s asleep).

Can you guess what it is?  Yup!  A sheet of tissue paper!  Take 1 edge and twist it as narrow as you can.  When I’m so friggin’ mad at the hubster, the only way to get even is to stick this up his nose πŸ˜›  For the first time – and probably the only time for a very long while – I’m posting a video to show you how it works.  The sniggering you’ll hear was all me πŸ˜›

You kill 2 birds with 1 stone when you use this torture device.  First, you get your revenge πŸ˜›  Second, all that laughter will put you in a much better mood πŸ˜›  You may need to open this post in your browser in order to view the video.  For some reason, it doesn’t seem to play in my WordPress app.


Why you should check out plus size fashion influencer, Bianca Karina

Exercise and health are my favourite hobbies, but fashion comes a close third.  Overseas blogs are more fascinating to me than local ones because of all the gorgeous architecture and landscapes we never get to see in this region.  There’s just something so romantic about quaint little bookstores and boutiques.  And my word, snow!!! :O

There’s plenty of that in Bianca Karina’s blog and, also, plenty of fashion and food.  What I like about it is, it doesn’t come across as just another pretentious high glamour magazine.  Instead, the cute girl with one heck of a pretty smile is amazingly down to earth.  Her personality truly shines through her writing!

Ms Karina isn’t that snooty model staring up at you from glossy fashion spreads.  She’s the girl next door who’ll cook you an awesome lunch just because you’re her best friend, drag you out for colourful cocktails when you’ve had a bad day and choose a ton of clothes for you to try on when you go shopping.  She’s so likeable!

Besides being a total charmer, Ms Karina oozes style (and reminds us that life is unfair at the same time because how does she throw together outfits like that?!).  Her edgy biker vest makes me wish Singapore would just bloody snow, or at least let there be autumn so I can layer clothing items like she does.  I like how she works athleisure apparel into outfits that can take us shopping too!

Ms Karina may be plus size, but the way she mixes and matches, layers and does style hacks is bloody creative.  We straight size chicks can take a style lesson or 2 from her.  Callie Thorpe is possibly more high profile, but Ms Karina’s blog is utterly relaxing reading with a good cup of coffee.


Cheerful printed bodycon for casual Fridays

I buy bodycon dresses only to chuck them in a corner and stick to my favourites.  But every so often, when I feel like something different, I dig them out from the store room.  This dress was from Smooch The Label but I don’t recommend them as the shopping experience wasn’t all that pleasant.

They’d mixed up my parcel with another shopper’s.  Instead of arranging for a courier to pick them up and deliver the correct parcels, they asked us to mail them to each other.  When we refused, they took forever to make the arrangements with their courier.  When I checked their Facebook page, it was filled with negative reviews about service levels.

Due to the experience, I didn’t feel like wearing this dress for some time.

But a cheerful print really lifts the spirits, so finally, this bodycon had its turn in the sunshine πŸ˜›  The weather in Southeast Asia is generally too warm for blazers, cardigans and vests, unless our offices are chilly.  Most of the time, we leave a shawl draped over our chairs in case it gets too cold.  Otherwise, it’s bare arms and legs.  Comfort comes first, as usual.


#IWearWhatIWant #WearWhatYouWant #EffYourBeautyStandards

Byebye Batam!

*sob*  And just like that, our weekend getaway was over!  The morning, like any vacation morning, started with the gym, followed by a buffet breakfast.  Morning food is, and always has been, my favourite.  How can anyone not love eggs???!!!  Well actually, I know someone who thinks egg yolks smell like farts.  It takes all sorts to make the world, doesn’t it? πŸ˜›

Sunny side up, a slice of century egg, a small chunk of cheese, crispy salted white bait, chicken nuggets, a mini hash brown the same size as the nuggets and green beans fried in chilli.  Hubster and I took a bite of those beans and went ‘YUCK’.  They weren’t cooked soft enough.  But the rest were delicious, especially the eggs, which we drizzled with stewed chicken gravy.

What we love about i hotel Baloi is, once the staff are familiar with you, they relax the rules about bringing food from the buffet back to your room.  All the other hotels we’ve stayed in everywhere else don’t allow this.  Maybe we’ve been here often enough for them to know that we aren’t trying to sneak food up for an extra person or child, but we certainly appreciate the flexibility πŸ™‚

As usual, we were sad to leave.  Shortly after we woke up, hubster said, ‘Sian, we have to go home today.’  I felt the same way.  But I have several shots of workout gear that I like, so you’ll be seeing them in future posts πŸ™‚  Till next month, goodbye Batam!  Please please please let your weather be better next time!


My wardrobeful of bodycon

If you haven’t guessed, this chick is a little bit of a tomboy.  TV time was mostly spent with late grandpa up till I was 8 years old and started living full-time with my parents.  Thereafter, evening telly was with dad.  With both of them crazy about kungfu serials and movies, my lifelong preference for action films was inevitable πŸ˜›

More your average wash and go relaxed chick than a truly girly girl, I’ve never had a manicure/pedicure, used a curling tong for my hair, nor bought any mascara.  Attempts at curling my eyelashes during university days were dismal.  After too many instances of painful pinched eyelids, I gave up.  Likewise, my wardrobe is devoid of flared skirts and dresses.  Everything has to be as streamlined and comfortable as possible.

Enter the bodycon.

I have bodycon skirts and dresses in every length, colour and design imaginable.  Because fabrics are generally stretchy, I don’t feel constricted at the waist or anywhere.  Dresses are easy; just slip them on.  Skirts, on the other hand, are fun when I’m in the mood for mixing separates to come up with different outfits for various occasions.

What fashion is ‘in’ isn’t important to me.  Even if tent dresses are all the rage again – all trends are repeated from time to time – I’ll still stick to what works.  Life is too short to walk around looking like I’m dressed in a trash bag.  That style engulfs my petite frame too much.  I also look stupid in full floral dresses.  The occasional floral bottom or top is fine.

Fashion trends change every so often.  But for this chick, the bodycon stays for good.


#IWearWhatIWant #WearWhateverYouWant #EffYourBeautyStandards

Obsessed with workouts? Β Nope, some of us just love exercise

The #BodyPositive community shares stories regularly about having to watch their calories like hawks and working out obsessively for hours at the gym in order to lose weight.  Thus, many of them project their body image neuroses onto everyone else who’s slim or does some form of regular exercise – be it running, swimming, dance aerobics, etc.  The reality is different.

I’m pretty certain there’re many like me, but being active, in my case, is a way of life and a favourite hobby.  Just like artists want to improve on their painting and home cooks want to experiment with condiments to make their dishes even more delicious (contestants on Master Chef are bloody impressive), there’s something about pushing ourselves to do 1 more rep or run/swim/jump rope for an extra minute.

Like any other hobby, exercise is a way to challenge ourselves, as well as improve our stamina and strength.  Just as you admire your latest art sculpture with pride, so do we when we track our respective improvements.  I don’t view exercise as gruelling punishment; heck, I don’t need to lose weight!  Rather, when sweat drips off my elbows and forehead, I have a quiet, satisfying sense of achievement and showering after an intense session feels refreshing.

In any event, given that my workouts last less than an hour each time, I don’t see how that can be deemed ‘obsessive’.  Moderation in everything.


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